Orioles President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail cleared up the Adam LaRoche talk on Wednesday in a blog post from Roch Kubatko.

MacPhail said that the he doesn’t impose deadlines on free agents, but that the Orioles have resumed talks with other players, likely free agents to fill the first base position.

MacPhail didn’t reveal names, but it’s clear that LaRoche hasn’t been given a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum.

“I’m not a big deadline guy,” MacPhail said. “There’s nothing to prevent you from talking to other people in certain scenarios. I don’t know that you gain a lot with deadlines. There are some circumstances where deadlines are probably appropriate, but we’re still months away from spring training.”

MacPhail emphasized that the O’s have a “variety of options” for the position, but did not specify who specifically would fill the role.

Who do you think will play first for the Orioles in 2011?