You can tell how horrible February has been for sports news when the two topics for a whole week are we discuss are Michael Phelps hitting a bong and A-Rod juicing. Nonetheless, we received an email from a fan about A-Rod.

Charles wrote:
The worst for A-Roid has yet to come. He is STILL lying about his illegal
supplement use and when he gets caught this time he’ll have to retire.

His body language demonstrates he could care less. In the Gammond’s interview
he makes statements of false contrition- this based on these obtuse
“faces” immediately after his words. He physically turns his head- to
look away from something he finds detestable (his “duty” to admit his
lies) and breaks eye contact with his interrogator. He is still lying through
most of the interview.

In 2004 A-Roid was “tipped” by a baseball executive of an impending
drug test. This much is in the court of public information. This much is also at
odds with his statement that he quit using in 2003- before his heavenly
ascendance to Yankee Stadium. This seeming to define his juvenile thinking that
he put it all behind him; in Texas and started afresh in the Big


There are many accomplished baseball writers in this world. Without exception
they would all grant deference to one writer they all respect:

“The truth will out” – William Shakespeare

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