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Credit: fightingillini.com
Credit: fightingillini.com
I think at this point it’s fair to say that the Baltimore Ravens offense could use an extra playmaker or two.

No more Anquan Boldin, no Dennis Pitta this year—we get it.

Here’s a suggestion for you mourning Ravens fans out there: Instead of putting your head down or laying out premature disclaimers in case the team has a bad season, why don’t you have faith in the process?

By the process, I mean the things that have made the Ravens a model franchise year, after year, after year: building through the draft, developing young talent, and acquiring timely free agents at a good price.

In this particular case, the most pertinent move to fill the playmaking void of Pitta would be to acquire a free agent who has done it before. Don’t get me wrong; I have faith in our young talent, but we need someone who can step in right away and take some of the load off of Torrey Smith.

The perfect fit in this situation would be free agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.  The ten-year veteran has 385 career catches for 5,695 and 35 touchdowns. His production hasn’t necessarily slowed down either; he had 74 catches for 911 yards and 4 touchdowns last year for that team up in New England.

What Lloyd would bring to Baltimore is sharp route running, consistent hands, and lots of receptions. With Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones being more of the home-run-threat receivers, the Ravens really need a possession receiver to go across the middle and make tough grabs in traffic, which is precisely Lloyd’s game.

This would provide more balance to the offense, which in turn would keep defenses guessing more often. Being that the free agent market is dwindling and those guys really want to get deals done with contenders, I would hope that the Ravens take a shot at acquiring Lloyd.

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  1. Pats let him go for a reason, he is not a team player, a virus to the locker room. No thanks

  2. Another guy with baggage is one that we do not need! Much like Spy and Ravens2488, no place for him.

    I would rather sign those two to give handies than to sign LLoyd, see Sergio Kindle…

  3. Lloyd is a locker room cancer. Anyone on this site even watch football?

    • I do,,,,and Lloyd would be in the Harbaugh doghouse in ten minutes and remain there the entire year…………………..

  4. You are right about Brandon Lloyd, and he will help us win it ALL NEXT SEASON. He is the greatest Wide Reciever in the NFL.

  5. Brandon Lloyd did a 2 day football camp for kids in Basalt Colorado and he was a sincere class act. he was articulate and had a great message about sports and the importance of education for the kids. he stayed and signed autographs until every last kid and adult got anything they wanted signed and pictures taken with him. he was a tremendous role model for these kids. in my interactions with him during the camp he demonstrated character all too often not commonly seen recently by today’s professional atheletes. We believe he would be and asset to a lot of teams and wish him all the best in the future.

  6. Greatest wide receiver? That’s a joke, he has talent no doubt but if he was such an asset he wouldn’t be a free agent now would he. Nobody wants to put up with an attitude like his, sorry relatives you have to face reality.

  7. Lloyd can still play. After Welker’s comments today about the patriots locker room, I have more faith that someone will sign Brandon Lloyd. Lets face it, my fantasy team needs him.

  8. Lloyd will get signed and soon , depending on injuries to receivers as training camps move on,,,,,,,,,,,the injury to Pitta along with no Boldin has to make Ozzie look in his direction , the question is , is there room under the cap and is Harbaugh going to put up with him just to get better ????????????????

    The Ravens do need another quality receiver don’t they ??

  9. I still believe the Ravens are the best of the AFC if not the best in football. I don’t think that means that the Ravens have a “Dream Team” squad, it’s just that the NFL is in a lull right now. No real super teams, no real dominant young QBs (guys like Luck and RG3 MAY be those guys down the road, but not now).

    Who’s better in the AFC?

    Denver and Crooked Neck, 38 year old Manning?
    Pittsburgh? Don’t think so.
    Cincinnati? LMAO!
    Indy? Not yet.
    NE? They haven’t won in 6-7 years, they are living off what they did “back in the day”.

    • I do agree with your observations but look out for Cinn,,,,,,,,they have a nice collection of players and some of their young guns are pretty darn good,,,,,,,,,,,,I wish we had a few of their receivers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Well what NE did “way back then” was better than Ray Lewis’s 13 year cheerleading career after a Super Bowl

  10. I would have preffered Lloyd and his baggage over Stokely…

  11. Joe Bob dob a lino

    How do y’all know? Oh just because the Patriots say something that makes it right? NO.. You in the locker room? NO YOU NOT.. Stop acting like you know.. Only 2 teams out of the million he played for said something bad about him.. When Danny A gets injured this year Tom Brady will be crying for Lloyd to throw too.. Pats are bunch of cry babies anyway!! Booooo Hooooo… He is a good player who could be the difference on a good teams roster.. It would be a steal for the Ravens or Chargers!!!

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