Manny Machado and Alex Rodriguez

Manny Machado‘s relationship status with Alex Rodriguez: Best freaking friends forever.

He’s not even ashamed. This is what Machado told’s Ken Rosenthal about his relationship with one of the game’s most loathed players.

“You can hang out with who you want,” Machado said. “He’s my friend. He’s done nothing wrong to me. He has been nothing but a great friend to me.

“Like a lot of people say, you always want to have good people tell you good things. That’s what I see with him. He helps me with my fielding, my hitting, even off-the-field stuff.”

Machado, of course, did not condone Rodriguez’s use of performance enhancing drugs. He did not comment however on A-Rod’s centaur painting.

Though I’m not sure if he was actually asked about that creepy thing.

“He’s my boy,” Machado says at the end of Rosenthal’s piece. “He always will be.”