I have to admit, I’m very intrigued by what’s going on with Manny Machado‘s batting gloves. I’m not the only one, some clever fellow has already created a Twitter account for them.

On Sunday night, Machado batted with the gloves on in his first two plate appearances, then removed them in for the final three. I’ve got the screen shots to prove it.

Manny  Machado first at-batTop 1st – GLOVES ON: Pop Out To Second

Manny  Machado second at-batTop 2nd – GLOVES ON: Strikeout Swinging

Manny  Machado: Gloves offTop 4th – GLOVES OFF: RBI Single

Manny  Machado: Gloves OffTop 7th: – GLOVES OFF: Walk

Manny  Machado gloves off - 9thTop 9th – GLOVES OFF – Fly Out To Left

So on Sunday, Machado went 0-2 with a strikeout with the gloves on and 1-2 with a walk and a run batted in with the gloves off.

Someone who is a real journalist has to figure this mystery out.