Jump to conclusions mat - Manny Machado injury

Orioles fans sat around waiting for hours on this gloomy Monday for an update on Manny Machado‘s injured right knee like:

Spongebob waiting out Manny  Machado's injury

Well, here’s your update.

Via MASNSports.com’s Roch Kubatko, Machado “has been diagnosed with a right knee ligament sprain.” The Orioles will again give an update on his status and how long he’s expected to be on Wednesday.

Everyone get back to staring at that Spongebob’s coffee mug for 24 hours.

Though the Orioles haven’t committed to revealing much about Machado’s status after his MRI, folks on Twitter have had no problem jumping to conclusions.

My advice (should you desire it for whatever strange reason)? Log off Twitter and wait for the official word tomorrow.

GIF/GIF idea credit: nagyboh on the Orioles awesome subreddit