For the first time in years, I’m not excited about a Call of Duty game. Honestly, I’m disappointed to admit that. Black Ops 2 looks terrible. I have no desire to play it.

You know who did get Black Ops right though? The University of Maryland and Under Armour. The Terps Black Ops uniforms are slick and they’ll show them off to the world on Saturday against Florida State.

Maryland Terps Black Ops Uniforms

If it’s okay with you, we’ll all just ignore the result of that game and focus on the uniforms.

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  1. Black ops 2 >>>>>>> modern warfare 3, treyarch has finnaly proved itself to be a superior developer. Where modern warfare 3 failed so miserably, black ops 2 comes threw. This game…. Is totally freaking awsome.

  2. One thing…The Terps lead the NCAAs in best looking unis! These are awesome!

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