Maryland playing one of their last few games of the season, played host to Virginia tech Saturday. The day didn’t go well and Tech left with a 36 – 9 trouncing of the Terps. Maryland looks to break their 5 game losing streak next week as they head to Florida State.

Jamaar getting sacked by Tech

Marylands offense had nothing today except Jamaar Robinson. With Turner out with a sprained knee ligament, Jamaar Robinson got his first start of his collegiate career. Robinson had good moves to keep plays going but he couldn’t connect with his receivers. Many of his passes were off the mark and when they weren’t, his receivers couldn’t keep hold of them. Meggett, Porzel and Campbell had nothing either and really didn’t give the Terps many options on offense. Their running game was almost non-existent and to make matters worse, it seemed as if the Hokies blitzed every down.

Maryland’s defense was not much better. They were getting ripped by Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Williams all day. The Hokies line had great push against Maryland defense and held Taylor upright for a majority of the game. Maryland couldn’t get good pressure on Taylor, even when they could later in the game, things didn’t go Maryland’s way. Taylor was able to run and pass on Maryland to go along with Williams 100+ running game. For the day the Terps gave up more than 450 yards of offense to the Hokies, a team still in the hunt for playing in the conference championship. The only bright spot of the day was when the defense was able to strip Taylor of the ball in the end zone in which Maryland jumped on for their only touchdown.

It has been a long season for Maryland and a season filled with injuries. There are a lot of young and inexperienced players playing key positions for the Terps. Not sure if thats an excuse for their inconsistencies, but i’m not buying it. If this team had good recruits across the board, it wouldn’t matter who you had on field. Maryland has two games left and all I have to say is thank goodness for Terps basketball.