Maryland fans rush court after beating NC StateI turned to Patrick Guthrie as the fans poured out of the stands at the Comcast Center after Maryland upset #14 NC State and asked if he wanted to rush the court too. “No,” he simply responded.

We had snuck into the student section and were right in the middle of the chaos, but opted to stay in our seats and instead watch the celebration.

Personally, I think the way in which Maryland beat the Wolfpack led to the celebration more than beating a team that upset Duke a few days ago. Though it certainly won’t be looked at this way by the local or national media.

I think we can all agree that storming the court after beating NC State is a bit excessive, but when is it okay? When Maryland beat Duke and the students rushed the floor I thought that was okay. But I listened to Mark Zinno complain about that on 105.7 The Fan during my drive home from College Park last night.

So what do you think? When is it okay to storm the court?


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  1. Rushing the court after beating NC State is pathetic…. Maryland was a 2.3 point favorite!

  2. Not ok. I agree.

  3. You must be old fogies,,,,,,,,,,,chill out guys , these are college kids , weren’t you young once ? Plus you can cop a feel in a crowd like that , yes I had fun in college………….Go Terps……………..

    • p.s. ,,,best place to cop a feel was the flower mart in the late sixties , all those flower children walked around and asked for it in those little sun dresses without undies , yes I had fun in the sixties , and still do…………..

  4. Not cool, but they are young. Look how the players reacted as well. It was if they beat a number 1 and could be because the team is so young. The team as a whole has not experienced beating any ranked teams.. maybe Dez or Aronhalt, but not the others.

  5. As a Maryland student who was in the thick of it, I’ll say that most of the students probably realized that this wasn’t a big enough opponent to call for storming the court–nor was our performance good enough to call for it, as Mr. Guthrie suggested.
    The real reason for the excess celebration was the manner by which we won, with a buzzer-beater to put us up by 1 when it seemed like our team had lost all momentum.

  6. I love rushing the court. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate a win. And I could have very easily last night. But I didn’t because I don’t think this was deserving of it. NC State was not #1. Maryland was favored to win. And they played so poorly on offense they were lucky to get the W. Storming the court in a game like this is for teams like Miami or Va. Tech. Not a school like Maryland that has a solid basketball history and a somewhat recent championship. I just kept thinking how ESPN was going to roast us and how Dookies are probably laughing so hard the tears are washing off their face paint. I’m sure this team will give us plenty of reasons to storm the court. We just need to choose them more wisely.

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