MASN posted the above graphic during last night’s Orioles/Yankees game preceding Mark Reynolds’ 3rd at bat of the night.  Look at it for a minute and tell me what’s wrong.

Hopefully you see it.  Hopefully.  If not, I’ll explain after the jump.When that graphic came up on the screen, Gary Thorne went on about how Reynolds will always strike out [yadda yadda yadda], but suddenly realized that his broadcast partner, Jim Palmer, Orioles hall of fame starting pitcher, was also on this list with Reynolds.  Thorne went on to say that it was unfair to group Reynolds with the likes of a pitcher, and Palmer’s only response was that it was of his pitching, not hitting.

Otherwise, Palmer sat through that segment relatively silently.  Maybe it’s because he saw that the other names on this list, Steve Barber and Milt Pappas (8 seasons with the Orioles), were also pitchers.

Somebody on the MASN crew went to look up what the highest amount of games a player has gone before with a strikeout in each contest, but failed to realize that they searched the stat for pitching and not hitting.

Oh well.  But hey, Mark Reynolds only needs to strike out once in each of the games up at Fenway Park this weekend to beat Palmer’s streak!

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