During the Orioles 8-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Sarasota on Monday, right fielder Nick Markakis gunned out Pittsburgh’s speedy center fielder Andrew McCutchen in the fifth inning. McCutchen told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review after the game that he wasn’t too pleased with the way Baltimore’s catcher Matt Wieters blocked the plate.

“I don’t know what (Wieters) was thinking,” McCutchen said. “It’s spring training. We’re not trying to get hurt. I wasn’t expecting that much contact. I’m OK, though.”


I don’t want to hear “It’s Spring Training,” that’s a stupid excuse. Good on Wieters for standing in front of the plate and making the out. McCutchen shouldn’t have been surprised and he certainly shouldn’t have complained about the fact that Wieters made a proper play on Markakis’ throw.

If he really “wasn’t expecting that much contact” then why did he go sliding into home plate?  Isn’t it the catcher’s job to cover?

If former Oriole catcher, now MASN analyst, Rick Dempsey were watching, I would love to hear his take. The Demper preaches proper plate blocking technique and I’m sure he would’ve been fine with Matt covering the plate during a game in March.

What would he have rather had Matt do? Step to the side and let him score?

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  1. Seems to be a pretty aggressive pose Mr. McCutchen is striking there, himself. If he didn’t want a close play or Wieters to block the plate, maybe he shouldn’t have been so agressive as to try to score on what was obviously going to be a close play. Give me a freaking break.

  2. My only reaction during the play was a cringe. The way Wieters set up had ‘Carlos Santana’ written all over it.

  3. @MGW, The Agenda – Yeah I totally agree. Wieters is doing his job. McCutchen doesn’t appear to be doing a whole lot of “avoiding/”

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