Adam Jones hanging out with Michael PhelpsAfter touring together with the Baltimore Ravens throughout the postseason, Michael Phelps and Adam Jones have reunited in beautiful, sunny Sarasota. The 18-time gold medalist was spotted wearing an orange Phelps BP jersey while getting some instruction from AJ outside the cage.

What’s next for Phelps? Golf apparently.

According to USA Today’s Michael Hiestand, Phelps will be featured in the Golf Channel’s latest edition of “The Haney Project”.

“I guarantee you, we will have you laughing each part of the show, every single episode,” Phelps said Wednesday in a conference call. “You may be crying because you’re laughing so hard. We have been laughing every step of the way.”

He watched some of the footage and says, “I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Nobody beats Charles Barkley though.