Go Ravens, bra.

Michael Phelps dressing like an idiot at the Ravens gameImage Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Michael Phelps was spotted wearing his  flannel shirt, beanie and shades while hanging out wit NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski before the Baltimore Ravens 33-14 victory over the New York Giants.

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  1. Isn’t Phelps like in his late 20’s?! Why is he still dressing like he’s in high school?

  2. Didn’t Michael Phelps get caught driving drunk and have a picture taken of him with some illegale drugs a few years back? Alledgedly. He’s a party boy. I’d rather my kids look up to someone in the Paralympics then this clown Phelps.

    • Have you seen his gal-friend ? Lucky guy indeed , absolutely sand box material……………actually these three look like crack-heads…………………

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