A Hipster Version Of Michael Phelps Was Spotted At Gillette Stadium On Sunday

We’ve seen Michael Phelps cheer on the Baltimore Ravens before, but never like this. The Maryland native was spotted not only rocking his patented backwards/sideways trucker hat, but a trendy mustache, purple plaid flannel bottom up, scarf and peacoat.

It would be like if you bought and wore everything H&M has ever made.

Michael Phelps dresses obnoxiouslyImage Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Hey, if you were the greatest olympian of all-time you could dress like a buffoon too.

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  1. MGW

    January 21, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Is Phelps friends with Ed Reed? They both look like they just got out of the soup line down at Bea Gaddy’s.