Goaltender Michal Nevirth’s career playoff W-L record in the AHL?  30-10.

Goaltender Michael Neuvirth’s career playoff W-L record in the NHL? 3-1.

The Capitals don’t have to be perfect to close out the Rangers on Saturday, they just need to keep New York out of Neuvirth’s hair.  Even in the rough 2nd period of Game 3, the lapses that allowed 3 Ranger goals were not all Neuvy’s doing.  Bruce Boudreau made the right call in keeping the 23 year-old in net, and was rewarded with a stellar 3rd period and a frame and a half of overtime from the net minder.  After all, if one loss in four is Neurvith’s pattern, the Capitals are set to finish the job behind his efforts in Game 5.