The anti-Friedgen is now going to be at the helm with the Terps hiring Mike Leach as the head football coach. There’s no question that the Terps will score points under Leach, the architect of an exciting spread passing attack. The Red Raiders led the nation in passing six of Leach’s final eight seasons in Lubbock. He also left as the winningest coach in the program’s history (84-43) and never had a losing record. However, Leach will be in a much bigger media market, and with that comes greater scrutiny when things don’t go smoothly. So what does all this mean for the Terps football team?

With Leach, the offense will improve and put points up. That is not a question. I have always liked Mike Leach and thought he was good for college football. I liked his eccentric nature and his willingness to not be like all the other cookie cutter college coaches that are out there. I think he will do quite well in the ACC as he will be in a conference that to be honest is not as good top to bottom as the Big 12 was. Leach was always having to fight against Oklahoma and Texas and the ACC doesn’t have that juggernaut team that plays for the national title consistently. Although the DC market is much different than Lubbock, Texas, I still believe Mike Leach will succeed. My only problem with this situation is how it went down with Friedgen and Kevin Anderson, the Terps athletic director.