The end zone was within reach for Jacoby Jones and I’m sure he was running through the touchdown dance in his head. Unfortunately, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin stepped on field and acted as the 12th man for his struggling special teams. The head coach had his back facing the action with his right foot on the line as Jacoby raced down the sideline on a kick return.

Mike Tomlin interferes with Jacoby Jones

Mike Tomlin interferes with Jacoby Jones

The line judge was forced to run around Tomlin and Jones had to cut back to the middle of the field. The speedy Ravens receiver was tackled before reaching the end zone and the Ravens settled for a field goal instead of a touchdown.

After watching his shenanigans get replayed on the M&T Bank Stadium jumbotron, Tomlin couldn’t help but grin.

Mike Tomlin grins after interfering with Jacoby Jones

The Ravens ended up defeating the Steelers 22-20, stopping their two point conversion attempt to secure the victory. What’s next for Tomlin? A fine? A suspension?

Anything to win, right? Ravens fans are pissed at Tomlin and rightfully so. Had Baltimore lost the game there might have been an uprising. Instead, his “misstep” kept the Steelers within reach.

What if the tables were turned? If John Harbaugh interfered would people call it bush league?