It’s that time of year once again to discuss how to save the Preakness Stakes.  Typically in mid-May, Baltimore is a flurry about throwing out solutions to keeping the Preakness in the Charm City.  The latest solution, thrown out by Jeff Lowe of the Thoroughbred Times is to move the race from Saturday to Sunday in 2012.

Lowe points out that that the Florida Derby was moved this year from Saturday to Sunday and “was pleased enough with the results.”  The Florida Derby saw it’s biggest attendance boost since 2006 and earned a combined handle of $33.6 million for the weekend cimpared to just $21.1 million the year before.

Preakness purists with likely be against moving the race, but Lowe points out that prior to 1930 it fell on Monday three times and on Friday three times between 19240-1929.