The NFL season gets underway in a matter of days which means one thing to you degenerates; it’s time to get your season prop bets in.  Below are a few bets that I think can’t miss, so go lay down a few bucks on them and walk away happy at the end of the year.

Miami Dolphins: Over/Under 8 wins – Under

This is a no brainer, Miami plays in one of the toughest divisions in football and could easily lose four-six games against the Patriots, Jets and Bills.  They also play games in Dallas, San Diego and in New York against the Jets and Giants.  Eight wins?  I think not.

Chicago Bears: Over/Under 8.5 wins – Under

Don’t buy the hype of the 2010 NFC North Champions.  These guys weren’t 11-5 good last year and they certainly won’t reach eight wins in 2011.  The Green Bay Packers remained relatively the same throughout the offseason and return to defend their title, with a healthy Matthew Stafford the Lions could win the wild card in the NFC and I like the Vikings with Donovan McNabb under center.  The Bears won’t finish in the top two of the division and won’t sniff .500 this season.

Minnesota Vikings: Over/Under 7.5 wins – Over

As mentioned above, I like the Vikings this year.  Not to win the division or even make a playoff run, but I think they’ll take steps forward this season and win at least two more games than they did in 2010.  They finally have the Brett Favre rain cloud gone from the Metrodome and have some softer road games including Kansas City, Carolina and Washington.  I see them winning at least eight this year.

San Diego Chargers: Over/Under 10 wins – Over

Along with Miami, this pick is an absolute lock.  Bet your first born, your house, your whatever.  The Chargers are winning over ten games this season.  They play in a garbage division, with a garbage schedule and an elite quarterback, if that isn’t the formula for success then I don’t know what is.  They won nine games last year and were horrible, they’ll easily add another two this year.  The only obstacle that stands in their way is head coach Norv Turner and don’t worry not even he can screw this one up.

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A few prop bets

  • Matt Ryan: Over/Under 4,000 passing yards – Under
  • Ray Rice: Over/Under 60 receptions – Over
  • Ed Reed: Over/Under 5.5 interceptions – Over
  • CJ Spiller: Over/Under 700 total rushing and receiving yards – Over
  • Tony Romo: Over/Under 25.5 passing touchdowns – Over
  • Chad Henne: Over/Under 16.5 total passing touchdowns – Under
  • Tom Brady: Over/Under 11.5 interceptions – Under
  • Philip Rivers: Over/Under 4,400 passing yards – Over
  • Antonio Gates: Over/Under 75 receptions – Over
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So there you have it, my can’t miss bets for the 2011 football season.  Of course, I’m not responsible for you losing everything on the Chargers winning 11 games, but I do feel pretty good about the bet and all of the others I listed in this piece.  Good luck!
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