Baltimore couldn’t be happier that the Steelers were defeated in the Super Bowl by the Packers. But if you need another smile this morning, here are my top five Super Bowl Ads from Sunday’s big game.

1. The Force – Volkswagen’s commercial featuring a kid dressed as Darth Vadar has to be my favorite. The video has gone viral and was watched millions of times before the Super Bowl even aired. It’s my number one.

2. NFL Best Fans – Number two isn’t a funny commercial, but one I really enjoyed. The commercial features various famous characters from their respected TV shows wearing NFL gear. I received a PR email from the NFL about the ad and the email said it featured 180 changes in the 60 seconds. Can you find them all?

3. Product Placement – You figured Bud Light would have one in the top five. My favorite of the Bud Light ads was called product placement and featured Bud Light products showing up in a movie scene.

4. The Best Part – This one gets filed under the “awkward and uncomfortable” category. The commercial is for Doritos and features a co-worker finishing what he calls “the best part” of his fellow co-worker’s lunch time snack.

5. Release the Hounds – I may have been the only one at my Super Bowl party that like this one, but I don’t care. “Release the Hounds” is an Audi commercial about escaping a luxury prison.

So there are my favorite Super Bowl commercials. What are yours?