While I focused on Matt Wietersfuture this morning, MASNSports.com’s Roch Kubatko pondered what the Orioles should do with left fielder Nate McLouth. In short, the Orioles revitalized the Dash’s career by signing him to a minor league deal on June 5 of last season, just five days after being released by Pittsburgh. As everyone in Baltimore knows, he played an important role in the Orioles second half improvement and signed a club friendly one-year, $2 million deal last fall.

Nate McLouthSo what should the O’s do with McLouth? Kubatko says he spoke with someone in the organization thinks the Orioles should begin extension talks. McLouth been a valuable asset atop the Orioles lineup and has greatly improved their defense in the outfield.

The Birds left fielder told Kubatko that he hasn’t thought much about his future past this season, but added something I found to be particularly interesting.

“This is a desirable destination for free agents. It really is,” McLouth said. “It’s a great ballpark. Just a great team to play for. Besides being a good team now, it’s a good feeling you get around here.”

For years we’ve heard about players not wanting to come to Baltimore because of the state of the organization or pitchers pitching in a small stadium. The Orioles were forced to build from within. Now, after a year and a half of winning, an upcoming free agent says the O’s are enticing.

The team is finally trending in the right direction, their led by one of the game’s best managers and play in front of a fan base that is excited to have a contender back at Camden Yards.

It didn’t take the Orioles long to completely change how they were viewed.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Love it. I hope they sign him to an extension as he has helped this team tremendously over the past year and half.

  2. This is liking tossing spy a softball.

    Get ready…

    • Ready or not , here I come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Ready or not , here I come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      I see you are so upset you used the wrong grammatical structure of your sentence..oh my…………….this is so much fun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Well I guess I’m not going to disappoint you MGW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I bet MGW will come up with a new reason why the O’s can’t sign free agents , because you can bet your bippy they will not bring in a quality free agent this off-season , ,,,,,,,,,,maybe this is their year to pick up a number one pitcher , you know , the kind they call an Ace,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BY the way , have they traded for Matt Garza yet MGW ?

    I will save some of my ammo for later , I’m so excited now I can’t write just thinking of the quality free agents that will be available soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can’t wait , how about you MGW ?

    Better get that MASN money out now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Did I say I’m so excited I almost peeeeeed myself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m getting my ‘most desired ‘ free agent list now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey MGW , do you want me to share it with you or are you on the phone with Peter the Great figuring out what to say on this site now that your favorite argument has hit the can , or are you just going to say Nate is a liar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m looking forward to this off-season almost as much as I’m looking forward to football , how about you MGW ?

    • Hey spy, did you see your boy Angelos “fooled” MLB and the other 29 owners again this year as they were again fooled into giving his club supplemental draft picks as a lower market team?

      Man, can’t believe how he is the only owner who knows that “loophole” and keeps getting these free draft picks!

      And the idiot Yankees and Red Sox haven’t figured out the loop hole and keep paying millions in luxury tax while Peter keeps “hiding” his money!!!

      How does Peter keep getting over on these other owners!

      What a genius!!! His trust fund just keeps growing while the other owners piss away millions unable to keep up with his shrewd business moves!

      • Do you know MGW that those same Yankees and Red Sox have won 7 World Series since 1996 while Agelos was “fooling” the other owners? And the Orioles have zip, nada, zilch, zero World Series wins in that time? So what team is the fool in this? My quess would be the Orioles.

        What say you Spy?

        • You are correct about the O’s , as usual,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,most of us fans get it but it took a players comments to show MGW what Angelos is all about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good work…………………..

      • Unbelievable! The Oriole Apologist, MGW, is now making a case on why Angelos is so cheap and why he doesn’t spend money on players. Because Angelos wants to build his Trust Fund.

        So there it is folks, MGW, apologising for Angelos and the front office’s frugalty of not signing players, to build Angelos Trust Fund!

        As a dear friend of mine would say, CASE CLOSED!

      • Anf how did they do with those free draft picks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my guess would be rather poor , just like the majority of the O’s draft picks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in fourteen years of draft picks they have hit on about a dozen,pretty poor……………….

        • Oh spy , a dozen decent draft picks is way too high , you are giving them too much credit , it’s closer the four or five…

      • I’m disappointed MGW,,,,,,,,,,,I thought you would have a much better come back than this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are slipping my friend or have you finally come around to solid thinking on how the O’s are really being run ?????????????????

  5. Spy, they will let McLouth go because they don’t want to pay him more than $2mil and then they will revisit the Reimold Experiment since he is cheaper.

    Spy, you know they will not sign any quality free agent but will sign some guys that were “Designated for Assignment” or trade for that quality “Rule 5” player. Maybe they go and get Omar Quintanilla again.

    The big question is, since they have been in the playoffs and playoff contention the past two years will they sign some (2) quality pitchers that could fill a 1-3 spot? You know, pitchers that have more wins then losses unlike their big trade down the stretch this year of getting Corey Feldman. The same stretch run trade they did last year in getting Joe Saunders.

    I wonder if the great “Mystery Man” can pitch…

    BTW Spy, how about a meet up with MGW and I at North Point Flea Market this Saturday, July 20? Maybe we can get Chowman to go… So what say Spy, meet at North Point Flea Market Saturday? It’s right up the street from you in your stomping grounds.

    • NOt sure , after this post MGW may be gunning for me , or us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • I just can’t get over how much smarter Angelos is than the other 29 owners!

        He’s raking in billions of dollars on this MASN deal, yet he’s discovered this “loop hole” that allows him to hide his money from the other owners and get other draft picks!

        What a genius or is it that the other owners are just stupid and can’t figure out how to hide their TV money.

        Sheer genius, Angelos must be!

        • I have told you before the Masn money is separate from the baseball money,,,,,,,,,,some owners tend to show evrything to their fans , that is the ones that have nothing to hide as they want to give their club the best chance to win a world series , like the Yankees and Bosox have done the past dozen years or so,,,,,how many titles have the Angelos clan won ? Priorities are set by ownership , the Yankees and Bosox priority is win the worldo series , the O’s ownership priority is to build up their trust fund , they thank you for helping them……….

    • If you and Spy were BALL players, you would both be rule V guys, traded back to the team for a dozen BALLS!

  6. You guys do realize that the Orioles are exactly dead center in the league in terms of salary right? You act like they don’t spend any money at all. They pay people who deserve to be paid. They gave Markakis a contract, they gave Roberts a contract (before you get on that, nobody knew he was going to be injured for 2 years), they gave Jones a big contract. Jones could EASILY have walked and gotten paid somewhere else if he wanted to but they ponied up the money to keep him. Free agency hasn’t been that great the last few years. There haven’t been many people that got paid what they were worth at all. Especially now that position players are commanding 10 year contracts. That is ridiculous. Nobody deserves 10 years. Nobody. Period.

    They need to build the farm system so that they can be active in the TRADE market and not give up too much depth and they need to develop their own players and pay them. The team wasn’t go from losing for 14 years straight to World Series Champs in 2 seasons. They need to rebuild the entire system so that they can be consistent winners year in and year out and then win the Series. I don’t want a team like the Marlins who wins 1, then blows up the team and is miserable again for 10 years. I want a team that has a shot EVERY year.

    Tampa doesn’t go out and buy ace pitchers every season. They make them. That’s the model we need to follow.

    • When is the last time the O’s developed an Ace pitcher ? Actually when was the last time the O’s developed a quality pitcher ? And I mean from draft pick to the team…you may have to hurt your brain thinking about this…

      I can’t wait until the next round of contracts come up and we will see how much money they are really willing to spend…

      • How long has Rick Peterson been the director of pitching development? How long have Buck and Dan been in charge? Not long enough to have drafted and developed a quality pitcher. They are going to need time to fix the broken minor league system.

        If the same people were all still in charge then your “when was the last time we developed a quality pitcher” argument would be valid, but it’s not the same people. It’s all new people and they deserve a chance.

    • Nick F.

      I swear you must be “my brother from a different mother”. I agree 100%.

      The great unwashed mob wants free agents, free agents, free agents when the truth is, if your name is not Sabathia, very few free agent pitchers have worked out.

      Then when you ask “who should they go after?” you get “an ACE”.

      Maybe they wanted Josh Hamilton, who has been a dud with LA. Maybe they wanted Prince, who’s eating his way out of the league. Maybe they wanted Pujlos, who runs like he’s got a big dump in his drawers, I don’t know who they want, but that’s OK, because neither do they.

      Investing in the minor leagues, scouting, those are where champions are made.

      But it’s a moot point, Nick. They believe what they want to believe and little things like “FACTS” get in their way.

  7. Sanity and rationality Nick? Yeah, did you have that the last 14 years?

    And I would lay bet that your comments of… “How long have Buck and Dan been in charge? Not long enough to have drafted and developed a quality pitcher. They are going to need time to fix the broken minor league system” were the exact same comments you spoke of when:

    General Managers
    Frank Wren
    Syd Thrift
    Jim Beattie
    Mike Flanagan
    Andy McPhail

    Ray Miller
    Mike Hargrove
    Lee Mazilli
    Sam Perlozzo
    Dave Trembley
    Juan Samuel

    …those listed General Managers and Managers were here.

    Then Nick says “If the same people were all still in charge then your “when was the last time we developed a quality pitcher” argument would be valid, but it’s not the same people. It’s all new people and they deserve a chance”… Really Nick? Mystery Mans point is very valid. What’s not valid about it? Cause you can’t answer it you dance around the question and then say it’s not valid… Are you a politician Nick?

    Mystery Man has all valid points yet you do your best, dancing around them and then do the old “It’s not valid” routine.

    Nick also says “They need to build the farm system so that they can be active in the TRADE market and not give up too much depth and they need to develop their own players and pay them”… which we all agree the Orioles need to do is build the farm system but you ain’t goina do it by continually drafting high school players or bums especially when you have high picks every year! Whose fault is it that the Orioles farm system sucks? The Orioles!

    Gets better, Nick says “Tampa doesn’t go out and buy ace pitchers every season. They make them. That’s the model we need to follow”… Nick, Nick, Nick, the Orioles didn’t go out and buy pitchers either every season just like Tampa Bay didn’t! The Orioles drafted garbage because they didn’t want to pay, tried to steer clear of a Bora’s player, and let their scouting department go down the drain. So the Orioles did EXACTLY what the Rays did, not buy pitchers. Now look at the good/great pitchers the Rays brought up thru their system and compare it to the Orioles who by the way, were higher in the drafting order than the Rays every year…

    Nick, you said a lot but said nothing of substance…

    I could pick you apart all night but I won’t… I’m not doing it to blast you, just to show that you are an “Orioles Apologist”…

    Spy, what say you about all this?

    • Excellent work,,,,,,,,,,hard to argue with these points unless you are drowning in orange cool-aid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      BY the way Incher ,,,,those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it , try reading some history books , or have MGW read some to you………………..

    • So Buck and Dan, having taken a team that was losing for 14 years haven’t earned the chance to have some time to fix a long broken farm system. Again, they made the team win with what they have, and that isn’t enough for you to say “let’s give them a shot to fix what’s broken?” None of those other managers or GMs did that.

      The same people aren’t in charge so the point ISN’T valid. There’s no way to argue that it is except the owner. But when you say that the farm system can’t develop a quality pitcher because they didn’t in the last 14 years then what do you mean? They never will because they haven’t in 14 years, or they won’t unless they fix something? If it’s the former, then we might as well just pack it in and let some other town have the team because they’ll never be winners here with this farm system that can never be changed ever for some magical unforeseen reason. If it’s the latter, which I suggest it is, then that is what’s going on. Buck and Dan are retooling the farm system and trying to fix it so we can produce quality players on a consistent basis. Just because old management failed, it doesn’t mean new management will. After Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple they took a turn for the worse and started bombing to the verge of going under. He came back in 1997 and turned the company back around to one of the strongest in the world. Saying they can’t develop a farm system because they haven’t in the past 14 years despite having all new management is like saying a bar that has sucked for a while can’t possibly be good with all new management and staff. It very well can be. So again, because the same people are not in charge, no, his point is not valid. Period.

      You’re right. They didn’t draft great players for a long time and scouting did go down the drain. That’s why when Buck and Dan took over they started to redevelop their scouting and development programs. Also, you do realize that the draft is different now right? Teams don’t have to throw ridiculous amounts of money at their picks anymore. On fact they can’t or they’ll pay a penalty. So there goes that part of your argument. Also, Wieters is a Scott Boras client.

      You aren’t picking anything I said apart at all. You’re using old arguments that at the moment are irrelevant because we haven’t had time to evaluate how well current management does with regard to player development. Dan has only been here for 2 drafts so far. In the first round we have taken a college pitcher who is ranked very high on prospect charts and a high school pitcher who people were comparing to…that same college pitcher. Why don’t we see how they work out before we jump on the “this system can’t produce a pitcher” bandwagon again. Rick Peterson is a magician though. Given time, we definitely have the ability to produce high quality players.

      Since none of you will actually answer my question I’m going to make it easier for you. Here are the projected free agent starting pitchers after this season with their ages minus anybody with club options. Tell me what “Ace” you want from the list, how much you think is reasonable to pay him, and how long of a contract we should give him. Then I’ll save your responses and compare them to what they actually get.

      Bronson Arroyo (37)
      Scott Baker (32)
      Erik Bedard (35)
      A.J. Burnett (37)
      Chris Carpenter (39)
      Bruce Chen (37)
      Bartolo Colon (41)
      Aaron Cook (35)
      Jorge De La Rosa (33)
      Scott Feldman (30)
      Gavin Floyd (31)
      Jeff Francis (33)
      Freddy Garcia (37)
      Jon Garland (34)
      Matt Garza (30)
      Jason Hammel (31)
      Dan Haren (33)
      Roberto Hernandez (33)
      Tim Hudson (38)
      Phil Hughes (28)
      Josh Johnson (30)
      Jeff Karstens (31)
      Scott Kazmir (30)
      Hiroki Kuroda (39)
      Colby Lewis (34)
      Ted Lilly (38)
      Tim Lincecum (30)
      Paul Maholm (32)
      Shaun Marcum (32)
      Jason Marquis (35)
      Ricky Nolasco (31)
      Roy Oswalt (35)
      Mike Pelfrey (30)
      Andy Pettitte (42)
      Jonathan Sanchez (31)
      Ervin Santana (31)
      Jason Vargas (31)
      Edinson Volquez (30)
      Chien-Ming Wang (34)
      Suk-min Yoon (27)
      Chris Young (35)

      • Thanks for all the research Nick!

        I loved it when spy asked about my trips to Orioles Spring Training! LMAO.

  8. All of that is in the past….stop living in the past. Wake up and smell today’s coffee!

    Welcome to the present!

  9. It’s fruitless 9inchnails and Nick. These guys don’t want to see the positives now, they want to dwell on what happened 14 seasons ago.

    I wouldnt waste my keystrokes. Next week kicking camp starts at Owings Mills and they can focus on their boy toys Harbaugh and Bisciotti.

    • You are talking about an ownership that wants us to be fans and want to win the whole thing unlike the O’s ownership that takes the fans for granted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the O’s forgot how to treat their fans , they should pay close attention to how the Ravens run things,,,,,,,,,,,,you could learn from watching them also , it wouldn’t hurt to put a little quality in your life………………………..

      • Do you enjoy watching the Orioles AT ALL? Seriously. The CONSTANT negativity O’s so over the top I can’t imagine you having any fun whatsoever watching them.

        • I don’t watch them a lot , once or twice a week if there is nothing else to do,,,,,,,my life doesn’t revolve around baseball,,,,,,,,,,,,,MY comments are meant to add balance to this site,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for your concern……………

      • Spy, the Orioles know how to treat their fans because they are like Lemmings… Orioles are the best at having “Chris Davis T-Shirt Day” or “Nick Markakis Bobblehead Giveaway”, etc… Instead of drawing fans in with a good product they can only have giveaways that the “Lemmings” will follow to get… Why do you think last year they gave away all those bronze statues? Because they were going into another season of what they thought would be a losing season and needed to bring fans to the park so they peppered the season with bronze statue giveaway days.

        And you notice how they rag on a successful ownership and front office that the Ravens (Notice I didn’t say coaches of the Ravens because I don’t like Harbaugh) have yet praise the 14 year ineptitude of the Orioles brass.

        Nick, you keep mentioning “Ace” and I never said anything about getting Ace’s. I said they need to get decent pitchers unlike Marty Feldman. And I’ll answer your question somewhat of who I would go after on your list…

        Josh Johnson

        Now you tell me when was the last time and who that the Orioles signed or traded for a pitcher that had an above .500 record?

        And I will agree with you Nick, I would never sign a player for 10 years, hell, 5 years would be my max.

        Nick, I think you are one of those typical fans that came out of the closet last year when they started winning. You never paid attention much less went to a game when they were losing.

        I know MGW was never a bandwagon jumper and he supported the Orioles thru thick and thin but most guys like you broke your legs last year jumping on the wagon…

        It’s guys like you who pick and choose things to make an argument that you know you will lose. If Wieters hit .210 on the year with 15 dingers and 56 ribbies you would do the old “pull out some minuscule number routine” to “apologize” by saying “but the first week of June Wieters was 10 for 22 with 4 dingers so you can’t get on him”.

        It’s guys like Spy and Mystery Man that don’t have Oriole blinders on and can see the game the Orioles are playing. Not you though.

        Your arguments cannot hold a match to Spy’s facts.

        • When have I ever ragged on Ravens ownership? Ozzie Is the best GM in the NFL, period, no question. Bisciotti is probably the best owner in the league too. I think Harbaugh is a great coach too. I haven’t ragged on the Ravens once. I regularly rag on Ravens FANS who suddenly became Orioles “fans” last season. Which brings me to my next point: I’ve only been an Orioles fan for the last year and a half? That’s laughable. Dude, I’ve missed 1 opening day in the last 10 years. Since I have been able to drive myself I have gone to AT LEAST 10 games a season and for the past 4 years I have had partial season tickets. The team has had its issues but they are moving in the right direction. The difference is I’m willing to give people who have PROVEN to be different a chance. You are blinded by your hatred of Angelos. That’s fine, but if you don’t enjoy watching what the O’s are doing now, then please just quit watching and commenting.

          As for your choices, you just told me who you wanted, not how much you would be willing to pay and how long you would like to sign them for and that is the most important part of my post. You all keep complaining that we aren’t going out and buying good starting pitching but if starting pitchers are overpaid or signed for too long then it’s not a good deal and they SHOULDN’T sign them.

          A pitcher’s record isn’t all that important, it’s his other stats that really count. Cliff lee went 6-9 last season which is not very good, but he had a 3.16 ERA, 128 ERA+, and a 1.11 WHIP, all of which is pretty good.

          As for your picks, keep these FACTS in mind:

          Lincecum: last season he went 10-15 with a 5.18 ERA, a 68 ERA+, and a 1.46 WHIP, he ended up getting relegated to the bullpen and he plays in the NL East, not the hardest division in baseball. This season, he is 5-9 with a 4.26 ERA, 79 ERA+, and 1.33 WHIP. Those are hardly #1 starter stats. Would I take a shot on him? Maybe, but it’s a lot to hope that he’ll return back to his lights out form not only transferring from the NL to the AL, but to the AL East.

          Marcum is 1-10 with a 5.29 ERA, 68 ERA+, and 1.35 WHIP. He also is getting season ending surgery to address numbness in his pitching hand. That’s not a good thing. Again, is he worth a shot? Yeah, but only at the right (team friendly) price.

          Nolasco wouldn’t be bad, but he did just get traded to the Dodgers who we know are willing to throw obscene money at anything and if he does well for them he’ll probably sign there. But also, he has a career 4.42 ERA, 94ERA+, and 1.29 WHIP. Granted those numbers were trending down, but that’s also pitching in the NL East, not the AL East and they aren’t number 1 starter ace type numbers.

          Ervin Santana is in the same boat as Nolasco, his career numbers aren’t ace numbers and he’s pitching in the AL West where he gets to play the Mariners and now Astros on a regular basis. Career 4.24 ERA, 99 ERA+, 1.28 WHIP. Things won’t be as easy in our division.

          Josh Johnson had great career numbers when he pitched in the NL, but now that he is in our division he has a 5.16 ERA, 83 ERA+, and a 1.49 WHIP. His HR/9 also jumped to 1.4 this season, and Camden Yards is a band box, especially with left handed hitters.

          So would these guys be an upgrade to the rotation? Yes, but none of them are the ace that everybody on here talks about wanting. They’d be better than Hammel and Feldman, but I don’t think they’d be better than Chen (who they scouted and signed out of Japan), Gonzo (who they scouted and signed out of the Mexican league), or even Tillman (who they got in a trade along with Jones for Eric Bedard) and how much money/time are they going to command? None of them are guys I would want to throw top dollar at and if they sign let’s say, Lincecum, and he still sucks, then all of you will complain about them going out and spending money on a washed up starter.

      • I used to LOVE taking my sons up to Ravens Training Camp at McDaniel College every year, but they took that away from the fans.

        Now they have 3 “free” practices where I have to pay for parking and I cannot bring my own food and drink. One of those practices I have to get in a “lottery” just to get tickets.

        I was a Ravens season ticket holder for years. In the beginning I paid $40 a seat for two seats in section 526 row 20. Each week they’d send me an email asking if I wanted to buy additional tickets. These tickets would be in my same section but in Row 1. Every home game I’d get the opportunity to buy those tickets, and I would, and sell mine in row 20. I asked to have my season tickets moved to those seats, as they always seemed open…the Ravens told me they wer “seats turned in by the players and they were not available as season tickets”. I asked them how stupid they thought I was…the players had tickets in the nosebleeds in section 526?!?

        They had a partnership with TicketsNow.com, probably still do. It is an aftermarket ticket reseller who marks up the tickets to even higher costs. My thought is, these were tickets that didn’t sell so they offered them to season ticket holders to at least get face value back.

        True story. I dropped my season tickets and made a hefty profit on selling my PSLs.

        You can believe all you want that the Ravens know how to treat their fans, but it’s a business just like any other. You can talk about “spending money to get players” but the NFL has revenue sharing among ALL it’s teams and a salary cap. The team spends NO more on players than anyone else does.

        • BTW, the Steelers and about half of the other NFL teams still have open practices for their fans all summer long and not just 3 practices…all of them.
          The Packers have open practices, as well.

          • you missed the point spy,,,,,,,the average fan can’t go to Florida like the wealthy MGW , to see O’s training but they can go three times for free to see the Ravens practice and they can also go to the exibition games if so desired,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the average fan is totally left out of O’s training camps,,,

        • I don’t like Harbaugh either and his decision to close McDaniel college stinks as my wife and I went there often to make a day of it,,,,,,,,,,I know it’s a business and they had to terminate the college for several reasons but they did keep a few open practices,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,By the way , how many training camps have you been to for the O’s ?????????????????

          • Oh Spy, you shouldn’t have brought Oriole Spring Training Camps up to MGW. You will lose on that question… Its going to be coming soon from him…

          • I go down to Spring Training every year. Workouts are FREE and as an Orioles season ticket holder i’m not forced to by full price tickets to 2 MEANINGLESS games like I was forced to with my Ravens season tickets.

            Nice try, thanks for helping me with my argument.

          • Oh well , you can’t win them all , actually Ravens 2488 , we have been on quite a roll recently with the broadcast knowledge from Nate that the O’s is a good place for free agents to land,,,,,,, they will be preaching about running out of money so those free agents that would help the club will look elsewhere,,,,,,,this team is a complete joke and I feel sorry for the fans like MGW that have bought into them hook , line and sinker,,,,,,,,,,,,,very sad indeed……………….

          • Agree Spy… I’m leery on the article about them running out of money… Are they that cheap to where they won’t get a needed piece to get them to the playoffs because they ran out of money? Something fishy…

        • MGW and I have had ongoing discussions about the Ravens and I agree with most all his comments on the Ravens however, and I’ve told him this before, it is not coincidental that all these non-friendly fan things started occurring when that ass, Harbaugh became the head coach. You know Harbaugh, the coach who told a Raven fan to find another team. Harbaugh is about the most plastic, unfriendly coach around. Yeah, he won a Super Bowl, I give him that but he’s still one of the biggest asses around.

          • agreed………………I think he was lucky he had decent coaches after Cam left and great coaching on the field,,,,,,,,,,,he lost some of that this year , it mat be interesting to watch,,,,,,,,,I just don’t think he is capable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • MM – a preseason game costs the same as a regular season game, so if you’re going to pre-season games, you must have some paper, too.

          Try taking a sandwich, drink, or anything into Ravens stadium. Try paying $55 to park, yes $55, I was a season ticket holder.

          Cheapest Ravens’ ticket? $90

          Cheapest O’s ticket? $9

          Football is where the money’s at.

          I’m getting tired of schooling you and spy. It’s getting boring.


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  12. Ryu you bitch, you and chow alway have sick night but you go too fal when you bling home douchebag Quan Lee and quid plo quo, Chow night not fun to chow. it like Chow no good fol Ryu while quan lee play lope-a-dope. chow no you puppet bitch boy so ryu go take a dime and dlop it fol Quan Lee. Chow no dice shootel fol you. Spy show Chow happy night with game Twistel, King and Queen, and Two Guy and a Cup.

  13. You no answel Ryu? you like little bitch. you no what happen you closs chow you no class male plostitute! this why Chow no give you time a day you scleeching little hunny boo boo wench! now you got chow upset you come back into chow life. Spy plea folgive chow fol blinging up old memolies. Ryu know how hit Chow buttons and chow feeling come out. chow clied all day knowing Ryu want chow back. Oh what Chow to do. Chow emotion being played by two bit punk Ryu. chow no leave you Spy cause you make Chow feel special. chow miss you hug and kissee kiss.

  14. Chow Ryu beat clap out of old balls Spy in cornhole. We aglea to share Chow like men. Spy no good at game he thro like bitch. You hes on beginig of week, Ryu date you on weekend. Ryu ask Spy doubles nothing for he red corvair but Spy say arm hurt as back soon lee. Ryu champeen.

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