UPDATE: The great folks at Pabst Brewing saw our post and sent an email with more information on the commemorative cans.  Here’s their official statement:

“On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards, Pabst Brewing Company is releasing commemorative National Bohemian on-can packaging to celebrate these two great Baltimore traditions. Conceived last October and designed in-house, this special can features the iconic Mr. Boh swinging a baseball bat in Camden Yards with the Baltimore skyline in the background. The commemorative 16 ounce cans are available now at retail and in bars, everywhere National Bohemian is sold, and will be sold at Camden Yards at the start of the season. We’re grateful for the resurgence the brand has enjoyed in recent years, which exploded once we reintroduced draft in the Baltimore market in January of 2011, and we hope fans of Natty Boh will appreciate this fun tribute.”

–Daren Metropoulos and Evan Metropoulos, co-owners of Pabst Brewing Company”

11:40 AM: Last season, National Bohemian made it’s triumphant return to Orioles baseball, being served on draft at Oriole Park At Camden Yards.

There’s nothing like a cold Natty Boh and the O’s.


As the Baltimore honors the 20th anniversary of Oriole Park, National Bohemian has created a special commemorative can to honor the best ball park in U.S. of A.

The picture to the right was tweeted by Christopher Soper (some guy I don’t know) and was retweeted by @NattyBohs.  The 16 ounce can features Boh in an orange jersey swinging a bat with Baltimore’s cityscape in the background.

I’m not sure if these cans are available in liquor stores or if they are exclusive to OPACY.  Either way, I can’t wait to enjoy a cold one this summer.  As the temperature continues to climb, so to does my desire to taste this cheap, delicious beer.

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  1. They should be at the Nationals stadium , the name fits better,,,,,,,,,,,and they also try to win………

  2. Ain’t the $7.00 a beer COLD!

  3. Cartoon Bird.

    Stadium “upgrades”.

    Cool looking Natty Boh Cans.

    That’s what the O’s are selling.

    Forget acquiring quality players or trying to win!

    Who cares about that?

    • After his hiatus during football season, Mark makes his triumphant return just before baseball season kicks off!

  4. Yea, well I’m here to balance out some things MGW!

    What phase of the plan are we in?

  5. Anyone seen these cans in any store yet? Where can I get them??

  6. MGW

    I was pointing out what was obvious to me while others were predicting 85 win seasons.

    Ignoring reality and spinning all the BS the warehouse sold you for years.

    You let your love of the Orioles and passion cloud your judgement for years.

    Meanwhile you continually trashed an organization that actually tried to win and won some meaningful games while the Orioles became the laughingstock of MLB, if not all of sports.

    You’d find any flaw you could (and yes, there are some) and beat the drum non stop yet chastised those who ripped the baseball team because “that’s too easy”.

    Should the Orioles ineptness just be ignored? Accepted?

    The number one goal of any organization should be to win. Period. Yes, there are ways to go about winning that are better than others but the end goal is the same.

    So pardon some of us if the Orioles taking a dump on their fans for years AND losing in epic fashion draws more of our ire than the Ravens and their 4 straight winning seasons and 2 AFC Championship appearances in 4 years.

    I’m all for calling a spade a spade with regards to both teams. But to somehow find a way to rip the Ravens more than the Orioles is funny at best and disingenuous at worst.

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