Nestor Aparicio accuses Chris Davis of using PEDsChris Davis belted his league-leading 25th home run of the season on Wednesday against the Detroit Tigers. It’s official, this is a career year for The Hulk. Every time Davis homers, you’ll see morons on Twitter accuse him of using performance enhancing drugs. The Twitterverse is full of bitter fans and they come in all shapes and sizes and from various locations.

Local sportstalker Nestor Aparicio, who never shies away from making controversial comments, joined the angry mob with a Facebook status that alluded he believes Davis is using illegal drugs for his power surge this season.

So, you mean to tell me you’re a thinking, intelligent baseball fan in touch with reality and aren’t thinking “Hmmmm?” every time Chris Davis hits another home run?

No. I haven’t once thought that Davis was using PEDs. In fact, most people who watch the Orioles day in and day out haven’t either. Davis’ season is a result of a power hitter finally being given a consistent chance during his breakout year. It’s ridiculous to even hint that he’s a cheater.

Furthermore, it’s stupid to think that the league hasn’t tested Davis or anyone else having a breakout season. Baseball gets looked at differently because of the steroid era, and rightfully so, but they’re the only major sport with in-season HGH testing and have a player’s union that’s actually supportive of cleaning up the game.

All information that is conveniently overlooked in Aparicio’s status.

Sometimes I let Nestor’s comments go by without highlighting them here on the blog, like last night when he called Zach Britton “Zach Britian” and then blamed autocorrect for the error even though autocorrect doesn’t change words that you manually capitalize. But this one needed to be pointed out. It’s important to showcase idiotic comments that are supported by no factual information.