Nestor Aparicio continues spreading Orioles conspiracy theoryA trip to the American League Division Series hasn’t stopped Nestor Aparicio from trying to Free The Birds. The founder of WNST went on a Twitter rampage about the Baltimore Orioles lying to their fans about the flexibility of their budget for the upcoming season.

Buck Showalter told reporters that the O’s project to spend $90-$100 million next season, an increase from the $81,428,999 they spent in 2012 and among the top 1/3 of projected MLB payrolls.

Aparicio says Showalter, along with Dan Duquette, are “lying to Baltimore Orioles fans.” However, his numbers on how much revenue MASN generates for the Orioles are little off from what’s being reported just about everywhere else. recently published all 30 teams’ television deals and wrote that MASN brings in $29 million in revenue for the O’s. Aparicio claims that MASN has earned either $500 or $700 — it depends on which day he’s tweeting.

Some simple math: $130 million x 5 years (MASN has been in existence) = $650 million. So which is it, $500 million, $650 million or $700 million?

At this pace, it’ll be over a billion by Friday.

The Dodgers just signed the most expensive television deal in history and it’s for $280 million annually — in the Los Angeles market. I’m thinking Nestor’s math is a little off.

Nestor still hasn’t responded to my tweet though.

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  1. Nestor’s head is so far up the Ravens owner’s ass he can’t see straight. Interesting that he poses as “media”, even pictured above in front of a “media entrance”, yet he sports full Ravens’ gear like the star-struck little troll he is.

    He feeds his minions (whose numbers steadily decrease each day) what they want to hear.

    When will he ever give up this agenda and stop with the extreme exaggeration?

    Look it up Frosty Tips…MLB ranks the Orioles in the “bottom half of the league” in revenues as does Forbes Magazine.

    There is no secret way of hiding money. if there was teams like New York would figure it out and not pay luxury taxes or look to avoid paying them this year.

    Get over yourself.

  2. I don’t mind WNST in general, but it’s a tiny little freckle on the butt of sports media and Nestor has a serious case of Little Man’s Syndrome because of it. His simultaneous bashing the Orioles while professing his love for the team (he even wrote a “book” about how special the team is to him) is one of the more bipolar things any sports media “personality” does around here. And it’s true that he is completely blind to anything even slightly less than positive about the Ravens. He’s screwed up his access to the O’s by being a jackwagon so I guess he has no desire to risk it with the Ravens.

  3. Top 25 Finalist

    If I read the article right, Nationals take was 13% in 2012, which was to get them $29,000,000. If the Post was anywhere close to being correct, than FanGraphs and Forbes and all the others have to be way, way, way off — Peter’s 87% of that same pot cannot be $28,000,000 (which is LESS than the Nationals take). I’m just sayin’…

  4. The figure, based on TV homes, puts the yearly earnings at around $72 million, less operating expenses which according to NBC putting on an hour long live TV show runs about $1 million. So figure a regional broadcast at a half to perhaps a third of that.

    Poof, there goes your $72 million, minus the $58 mill that the teams take away.

  5. Quote from the Forbes article, listed above:
    A spokesperson for MLB would not comment other than to say a resolution is coming to the home stretch. Under the terms of the MASN contract, both the Nationals and Orioles must get the same television fee. Here’s the rub: While the Nationals, a minority owner in the RSN, want the rights fee to be as high as possible, the Orioles favor more money being kept in the RSN because they are the majority equity owner and a lower rights fee would reduce their MLB revenue-sharing payments.

  6. XMan, is that you Xavier Avery?!?

    Funny you mention NBC, just went on the Studio Tour in New York last Saturday where they said a live HD telecast costs $4,000 per minute! Now I’m sure that cost is a lot more than a regional baseball game, but let’s say it’s $500 a minute…times 180 minutes a game, times 162 games…that’s $14,850,000 a baseball season times 2 which is $29,790,000 and thats IF it’s only $500 a minute!
    Clowns like Nestor think you put up your webcam and shoot the game for pennies like he does at his shitty radio station.

    • No, I wish I was Xavier Avery, just a sports fan and one who is sick and tired of Nestor’s vendetta against the club. By the looks of the deals that Texas and the Dodgers got from their regional sports networks, it’s a wonder that Angelos doesn’t sell MASN. You assume no inherit costs of producing the games and only have the profit to reap. People don’t understand that the Orioles owning the network is a way of offsetting the loss the the ownership group incurred when they allowed the Nats to move into their TV market. The day-to-day operations of producing a 3 hour baseball game and pre and post game shows yields costs that a two bit guy like Nestor could never understand. No offense MGW, but having worked in TV for Discovery Channel, I can tell you that $500 a minute is about the cost of shooting an SD telecast. A regional sports network producing 5 hours of HD programming is probably expensed out at about $1000 per hour with probably a 20 man production crew on site for both the Nats and Os telecasts, the talent, both in studio and at the stadium, not to mention a crew of half a dozen on set for the pre and post game productions and the talent there. Nestor shouldn’t speak to things of which he has no knowledge. Of course he’d be a mute if he followed that advice.


    IMDB notes that back a few years ago a 30 minute Weakest Link episode cost $500,000 to produce. Now, I realize that was a national broadcast show, but it was only 30 minutes and it was in a studio, and it was a few years ago. Let’s say a baseball game costs 1/5 of that…that’s $16,200,000 a season or $32,400,000 for both the Nats and Os.

    Again, Nestor’s Internet radio, I’m sure, is considerably cheaper.

  8. You guys got to stop with the assclown Nestor… Your giving him free publicity which is what he wants. Your feeding right into his hand. Everyone knows he blows chunks on the radio but keeping him going on here just helps his cause of free publicity.

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