New England @ Denver 3PM (-5.5, 57)

I’m guessing the suits at CBS were doing air-kicks in their Manhattan high-risers as this colossal match up—>Peyton vs. Brady–with a trip to a freezing New Jersey for the right to represent the AFC in the “Big Game” presented itself in all her glory.

This will be the 15th time these two future HOFer’s will be matching up. Lady Brady owns the ultimate pitchman 11-4 in those contests. Terrific Tom is also 2-1 in AFC Championship matchups, but Manning does own the last postseason win between in the two as the Colts won the 2006 AFC Championship en route to Manning’s only ring.

Manning’s career playoff record is well documented (10-11), which pale’s in comparison to Brady’s 18-7  record (and 3 rings). Manning did break Brady’s single-season TD passing record this season as he dropped 55 and leads Brady in career TD passes, 491-359.

But enough about those two mega-stars, which head coach is going to be doing a awkward post game presser with Jim Nance come early Sunday evening? Will it be the red-faced John Fox with his scotch-induced voice who will be smiling? Or will it be Obi-Bill Kenobi and his K-mart hoodie that gives Nance nothing? My lean is Peyton will have a monster day and find himself playing in the coldest Super Bowl ever in Dirty Jersey. Broncos 38-21

San Fransisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks 6:30pm (-3, 40.5)

Jim Harbaugh vs. Pete Carroll. Micheal Crabtree vs. Richard Sherman. Patrick Willis vs. Marshawn Lynch. These are just a couple of the intriguing matchups in what to me  is the best game on the day that pitts two future HOF QB’s on the AFC side. And like the AFC title game, these were the two best teams in the NFC and round 3 will decide just which team is the best.

As “I’m the Man” is cranking on Colin Kaepernick’s Beets by Dre during pregame, he has to be visualizing different results than his past performances in the home of the 12th man. The Niners have been curb-stomped in Seattle the last couple times they have made the 3 hour flight north. And Kaep has been a major reason why.

I won’t bore you with the numbers as most QB’s haven’t exactly found CentruyLink Field friendly confines, but Kaep has really S-ed the bed in his trips there. But for some reason I’m catching a vibe Kaep shows up big in this spot. Call it a hunch. Hell, call it gamblers best friend “Due Theory”.  Whatever it is, I’m really liking the Niners and here’s why.

This team is rugged and their brand of football travels anywhere in the postseason. Don’t believe me? Well that whiny, Dockers wearing Jim Harbaugh has shown up to 3 straight NFC Championships in his 3 years of coaching the squad. Add in the fact I think Russell Wilson is a game manager (good one, but still a game manager) and the Niners won’t let Lynch beat them all by himself makes me believe the Niners are going to NYC.

And I totally understand Seattle just doesn’t lose at home (90% winning) and how nasty their defense is as well. This is no disrespect to them at all. If they were playing anyone else in this spot, my guess is they would be a TD favorite. Sorry Carolina fan, it’s just true. I just feel more confident in the team who has been in this spot the last three years. Give me the Niners 27-20.