Keith Urban - NFL called Orioles about attendance on ThursdayThis whole fiasco continues to get more and more embarrassing for the NFL. Not only did the NFL have their PR people use the Orioles as a punching bag on Twitter Thursday night and spread their anti-O’s agenda via their reporters, but apparently an intern at the league office called the Camden Yards press box for attendance numbers during Thursday’s game against the White Sox.

That’s deplorable.’s Roch Kubatko has more details on his blog.

The Orioles confirmed that an intern from the NFL office phoned the press box Thursday night and inquired about the attendance at Camden Yards. The league was miffed that the Orioles didn’t move their game and allow the Ravens to open at home – ignoring all the factors that I’ve pointed out, including how they would have needed the approval of the White Sox and the players association, and how they got back to Baltimore at 3:30 a.m. that day, so playing in the morning was out of the question, and how the MLB office confirmed that the Orioles tried to work it out and it just couldn’t happen.

I guess it’s no surprise that we saw tweets about how many more people went to watch Keith Urban perform a free concert than went to the White Sox-O’s game. The NFL had to make sure the number they released was higher than the Orioles announced attendance.

Apparently 42,500 people went to watch a country singer that I personally had zero desire to see. 42,500, huh? Camden Yards holds 45,971, so you’re telling me that nearly a stadium full of people huddled around that barge in the Inner Harbor?

Sure, I believe it! Hello, my name is Zach and I was born yesterday.

Meanwhile the Orioles continue to take the high road as the NFL drags them through the mud. They could have released a statement or passed along a note to reporters like they NFL did, but they instead chose to ignore it altogether. A tip of the cap to them.

Speaking of which, why don’t the Ravens just step up and defend their neighbors across the street? Why don’t they just put an end to this whole fiasco and say that they agreed to open on the road and decided to face Denver in week one? After all, that’s what actually happened. In doing so, the Ravens could get some good publicity by defending the Orioles and uniting the two sports franchises that the NFL seems to be trying to drive apart.

Let’s remember folks, this is the same league whose commissioner told us to build a museum after a failed attempt at an expansion franchise.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Whoever controls the media controls the propaganda machine. It works in politics and business and now it’s evident that it works in sports as well.

  2. Wow, this is the most petty thing I’ve ever heard of. You’d think that the NFL was the “little brother” in this whole fiasco, when they in fact are the more powerful league.

    I guess bullies don’t like it when you stand up to them.

    While I love the Ravens, I cannot stand the league they play in.

  3. The Os could have and should have stepped aside for a world champion team, but Angelo’s is a douchebag. We all love our Orioles, and we love our Ravens as well. If the situation were reversed, you can bet your last dollar that Angelo’s would want and expect the Ravens to step aside if they had won a World Series. It’s not like this is a situation that happens every year.

    • If you really loved the Orioles, you would not expect them to step aside in the middle of a playoff race. They won the games Thursday and Saturday, if it had been a day-night double header on Saturday as many people suggested they would’ve been much less likely to win both. If you think the Ravens would step aside for the O’s, you’ve never listened to a single interview Harbaugh has given. He didn’t even want to move the game to Sunday night for it to be a home game. It’s amazing to me that Ravens fans blame Angelos instead of asking themselves why the NFL wasn’t willing to move the game to Wednesday night like they did last year.

      • Dan – you’re using too much logic and reason here. There’s a certain contingent of fans in this town, the NEW Ravens’ fans, who just don’t get it. I’ve heard all of the same things that you have regarding the Ravens not wanting to move to Sunday night, but these clowns have dug in and refuse to listen or pay attention to the logic. The NFL made matters worse by spreading lies and half-truths during the telecast Thursday night.

        • Thanks for your comment. I went to the O’s game Thursday night and I was really happy with the size of the crowd there, it put them over 2 million for the season. I love the Ravens, but I’m getting real tired of some of their fans.

          • Dan – The REAL fans know the deal. This Ravens’ bandwagon is full of “fans” that wouldn’t know a halfback from a 7th inning stretch. I am a fan of the Ravens, but like you, I can’t stomach these new “fans” who run their mouths and know nothing.

  4. anonymous hippopotamus

    I heard a report this week saying the NFL offered the Ravens to open on Sunday night, but Harbs wanted the extra few days off and decided to open on the road. I don’t see the Ravens coming out in support of the O’s because that would be going against the wishes of Darth Goodell.

    • And this goes back to what Matt Vensel from the Baltimore Sun told us on the BSR Podcast two weeks ago. The Ravens could have gotten the Sunday or Monday night game at home, Harbaugh and the Ravens wanted the few extra days off.

      Had nothing to do with the O’s or MLB, nor should they have ever thought of moving the game because if it were the other way around, the NFL wouldn’t have sniffed at the idea.

      Get over it and move on.

  5. And here are the most important numbers for the week BRONCOS 49 RAVENS 27!

    All other numbers are moot.

    • Excuse me for believing 38-35 is still more important since it was a playoff game.

      No one’s season ended Thursday. As opposed to the way the Broncos’ ended in January.

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