Manti Te'i to Baltimore?I’m ready for the Baltimore Ravens to draft someone that doesn’t have a questionable past or strange background. Manti Te’o is not that guy — clearly.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated is already looking forward to this year’s NFL draft. Although I’m not sure why as there’s still one more game to be played (two if you consider the Pro Bowl “a game”.)

With the 31st pick in the 2013 draft (hopefully it’ll be the 32nd), Banks has the Ravens selecting linebacker Manti Te’o of Notre Dame.

Not sure where the draft stock of Te’o will settle after the well-chronicled tale of his hoax of a dying internet girlfriend becomes yesterday’s news, but NFL executives I talked to last week were taking a wait-and-see approach. Te’o is a tackling machine and he finds the football in the takeaway department, too, but him getting run over in embarrassing fashion against Alabama had to give some teams pause about his overall game. At the bottom of the first round, however, Ozzie Newsome and Co. might consider him a steal of a replacement for the retired Ray Lewis.

I don’t know what to make of Te’o’s strange story, but I think I speak for all of Baltimore when I say “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!1!!!11!!!!!

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  1. Just what we need , another defensive player who can’t tackle,,,,,,,,,,it would be like Ozzie to believe his hype,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it wouldn’t be the first time Ozzie missed the boat…………………….

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  3. Zach trust me, you don’t speak for “all” of Baltimore.  In fact, it would be best to not link yourself to Baltimore at all with that kind of stupidity.

  4. He’s an absolute stud of a Linebacker… exactly what we need to keep up this solid defense.  He had one bad game last year and that was while he had one of the craziest distractions I’ve ever heard of. It looks pretty clear he was not involved in this hoax, just naive… It’s not like Ray Lewis wasn’t without poor decisions on his record entering the NFL.  
    This would be a steal and I hope it happens.  He is a great player, and now he’ll have a serious chip on his shoulder too.

    • @KevinLynch2
       He is an undersized linebacker with an imaginary friend, reminds me of Crackhead Kindle.  Screw Te’o and screw ND, roll Tide!
      Studs, Spy was a stud and he led the 1978 Dundalk High girls softball team to the state semi’s….so what does being a stud have to do with anything?

    • @KevinLynch2 He is too slow , we already have enough slow LBs………………

  5. I’m sure he get along great with Ayenbedjo. Brandon is very supportive and will ensure that the other guys just let him be himself, fake girlfriend and all.

  6. If we draft Te’o, what position is his imaginary girlfriend gonna play?

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