Much of the talk on radio row in Dallas is geared towards the looming NFL Lockout and the NFL Players Association has taken an aggressive approach to making sure there is football to be played in 2011-2012. The NFLPA created the Block the Lockout petition and even purchased ad time during the Super Bowl for their heart felt “Let us Play” commercial in which they ask fans to do their part.

Personally, I’m not buying into the garbage that Kevin Mawae, President of the NFLPA, is selling with and the Super Bowl ad.  You want to play next season, then get the deal done.  As a fan I have no control over the lockout, a petition doesn’t do anything but make the fan feel meaningful in this battle for more money.  I’m not taking sides because both sides are greedy, but don’t act like I can do my part by signing an online petition, the only way I could help would be to stuff more money in the player’s or owner’s pockets from week to week.

The NFLPA drives home this “love of the game” message and that’s complete BS.  If you watch the ad or read their jargon on the website and buy into the fact that these guys just want to play you’re a fool.  If they wanted to play the game they love they’d get the deal done with the owners.  The slogan should be “Let us Play for the right price.”

Mawae also had the nerve to say that they produced the commercial for the Super Bowl with a “very limited budget.” That’s great, I guess it makes up for the fact that to air his sob-story message the NFLPA has to shell out $6 million. Give me a break.

Everyone wants the deal to get done, but the NFLPA’s attempt to make the fans feel like they can contribute in the battle of who gets more money is ridiculous. Get the deal done and keep me out of it.