Assuming there is football at all next season, the Ravens roster could look very different. Baltimore enters the offseason with 17 unrestricted free agents and nine restricted. Assuming that defensive tackle Haloti Ngata is Baltimore’s number one offseason priority, who is number two?

Among the 17 unrestricted free agents are seven 2010 starters; the previously mentioned Ngata, Chris Carr, Dawan Landry, Josh Wilson, Chris Chester, Marshall Yanda, Le’Ron McClain, Billy Cundiff and Sam Koch.

It’s clear that the Ravens are keen on keeping Ngata, as well they should. John Harbaugh mentioned it in his press conference on Monday. “It’s priority number one,” Harbaugh said.

And Ngata is happy in Baltimore as well. He was a part of Chuck Pagano’s introductory press conference on Wednesday.  “I really don’t want to go anywhere else,” Ngata said.

Looking at the above list, you could make an argument for any of the starters as to who should be the second most important deal after Ngata. The Ravens secondary was held together by stable performances from Chris Carr and Josh Wilson, Marshall Yanda was listed on Peter King’s 2010 All-Pro Team, Le’Ron McClain is a two-time Pro Bowler and the Ravens only full back, Billy Cundiff led the league in touchbacks and provided clutch field goals all year long… You get the point.

My gut reaction is probably wrong and it was probably my reaction because of all the kicking trouble the Ravens faced over the past couple seasons.  I really wanted Baltimore to lock up Billy Cundiff.  While I think it’s important, it probably isn’t as important as bringing back Chris Carr or Josh Wilson.  Thankfully though,  it looks like the Ravens are already in talks with Billy Cundiff.  “I would be very surprised if something doesn’t get done with Billy,” Harbaugh said.

I’ve always been a big fan of Le’Ron McClain, who’s future seems really up in the air based on our reports earlier in the week.  “Wherever I end up, I don’t regret any of the four years here,”  McClain said.

The Ravens will do the best they can to keep this talented team as Harbaugh said on Monday.  “We’re gonna try to get as many guys back as we can.”

But as Josh Wilson points out, that’s ultimately impossible.  Everybody’s not going to come back,” Wilson said.  “This team will never be the same again.

Who do you think the Ravens should re-sign after Haloti Ngata?

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  1. Dunno who #2 is, but I think next year may be a rebuilding year. Not sure what the cap number will be (or if there will be a cap), but 17 unrestricted free-agents is a lot. Significant money tied up with Ray, Suggs, Reed, and then Ngata. I'd be surprised if half of the UFAs came back.

    • I would have to say that it would be Yanda, followed by the Special Teamers.

    • Maybe the guys from the U will renegotiate their contracts to help free up some money to sign UFAs?! Probably ain't going to happen- my number two is Yanda, following by the secondary 2A and special teamers 2B…I think McClain is history and I hope Willis is and they draft a BIG smash mouth full back who can get them that one yard on third down..

  2. Yanda's my #2 as well. While it is not likely we'll bring back more than half of these UFAs, we could bring back Ngata, Yanda, Cundiff, Kock, Wilson and Carr. Since they probably won't garner big money, we could probably also include Chester and Stallworth (if the team decides they'd actually bother to use him in 2011).

    McClain may not be as gone as we think. McGehee is due to make a ton of money and would clear a lot of space if he were traded/waived. If we felt McClain could function as a hybrid FB/ #2 RB, we could sign him for less than we'd save by waiving McGehee and free space to retain more of our UFAs.

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