The only person more surprised than Ravens fans that Cam Cameron is back as Baltimore’s offensive coordinator is Cam Cameron.

At 11 o’clock on Friday, Baltimore let out a collective grumble both verbally and on the Twitter as John Harbaugh announced that Cameron would be returning to call the Ravens plays.

Matt Vensel of Baltimore Sun posted some interesting comments from Cam-squared after the announcement.  Apparently, Cameron told “some co-workers” that he didn’t believe he’d be back as his contract was due to expire and the Ravens had yet to reach out to him to renew it.

“I called Ozzie and said, ‘Hey, I’m just thrilled to be back,’” Cameron said according to Vensel.  “Ozzie said, ‘Cam, in our minds, you were never gone.’

Is that really the guy you want in charge of your offense?  A guy that says he’s “just thrilled to be back.”  What a train wreck.