The inspirational story of former Ravens linebacker O.J. Brigance is enough to make anyone tear up. ESPN featured Brigance’s amazing story before Baltimore hosted the Colts on Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Zach. Puts everything into perspective.

    I lost a friend at work to ALS and OJ’s battle is inspirational.

    Again, puts everything in perspective.

  2. O.J., you’re a true warrior! My mom lost her battle to ALS a couple years back, and every time I hear about you, or see you in the media, it fills my heart with joy. Your public fight honors anyone who has ever been cursed by ALS, and will help ALS garner the attention it needs to find a cure. God bless, and stay strong! Thank you.

  3. O.J., I worked with your dad at Houston Lighting & Power Co. many, many years ago. You were attending Rice University when he and I worked together. We shared a love for college football and he used to tell me how about your many successes at Rice. The pride he felt for you and all that you had accomplished was so obvious. I can only imagine that the pride he feels for you now is even more (if that is possible), as you continue to inspire people on how to live their lives. You are a true inspiration to me and I wish all good things for you as you continue to inspire others. Go Ravens!

  4. I have never met O.J. and do not know anyone who has but I do know he is a great inspiration to all of us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m proud to know his story here in Baltimore………….keep the faith…………….

  5. I too have been touched by this disease. I see my younger sister work so hard to care for her husband who was diagnosed in 1995 with ALS. He is still alive today. Together they farm a small acreage in southern Ontario and have watched their three chidren grow up to be fine adults. Their oldest son aspires to be a documenary film maker in Toronto. He recently won a Toroto Film Critics Award for a documentary he filmed about ALS as a student project in his final year at Ryerson Technical University. He is also hoping that this film is chosen to enter the “Hot Docs” Film Festival in Toronto in May 2013. I hope it qualifies so that more people will see and understand the immense struggles that these people and their families face and the hope they unspire in all of us.

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