Following up on the good news of the off-season for Baltimore Orioles fans, Roch Kubatko is reporting on his blog School of Roch, that the Orioles will not be hosting the All-Star Game according to one of his sources.

The Orioles were considered a favorite for 2016 due to the traditional assignment of an American league team hosting during even years. However, it appears MLB will be bucking that tradition in favor of alternate venues.

Three National League teams that have not seen the ASG, since constructing a new stadiums, have been Washington D.C., San Diego, and Miami. Washington was considered a favorite for hosting the 2017. Recent speculation has been raised that San Diego will likely be hosting the 2016 event in lieu of Baltimore.

As an Orioles season ticket holder, this is somewhat depressing as I was expecting a chance to purchase All-Star game festivities tickets prior to the general population. However, I certainly am not surprised at what has transpired.

While I still consider OPACY to be the crown jewel of baseball, it does make more sense for MLB to showcase new stadiums in order to peak further interest from fans and to also lure potential cities mulling stadium deals to pull the trigger to be able to host a large tourist event.

Reports from San Diego have indicated that total costs for hosting an event could range up to $1.5 million, but promise up to $80 million in additional revenue. Baltimore City has not acted or discussed the possibility recently over the past few months leading to the belief that the notion of the Orioles hosting was mere speculation. Realistically, the city of Baltimore should have considered perhaps investing in this event over the Grand Prix which required up to $2.2 million for only $47 million economic impact.  Race Supporters initially stated that the economic impact would be well over $120 million.

With San Diego hosting in 2016 and Washington likely following in 2017, I find it hard to believe the Orioles will be hosting immediately following Washington. Instead, I expect Toronto to once again be given a bid since they haven’t hosted since 1991 and MLB will be eager to change locales away from the Baltimore/DC metropolitan area. Miami, even with the gaudy fish in the outfield, would prove to be a great tourist venue for MLB to display its brand.

Some fans have been quick to point out that this is perhaps retribution against the Orioles for the MASN dispute. However, the Orioles do not see additional revenue from the All-Star game as the funds are distributed between all teams.

I’m not willing to put that tin foil hat on at this time.  However, it does sting a bit to be passed over once again this offseason.