For those who read my stuff, you should know that I am a big Brandon Snyder fan. He was the 1st interview that we had when we started blogging. He is energetic, super cool, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Energetic, super cool, and nice are all great attributes as a human, but they don’t translate into being a great baseball player, and for Snyder, the time is now to prove that he is more than a great human, he is a great player.

The former first round pick showed his real potential at Bowie in 2009. He was tearing up the Eastern League, and it took a promotion to Norfolk to calm him down. It may have been the cavernous ballpark or the the high skill of pitchers at AAA, something has not clicked for Snyder at this level. Despite struggling and injuries in 2010, he still was able to realize his dream to play for the O’s when he was called up in September. If you look at those September numbers, they are respectable, but it is clear that Snyder still has a lot to prove.

This season, 1st base is about Derrick Lee. If Lee ever gets hurt, it will likely be about Luke Scott. Snyder will have to make a statement in AAA in order for the order for the O’s to give him a shot. Matter of fact, he will have to put on quite a show in order to keep Joe Mahoney from taking over at 1st at the AAA level. The Orioles have considered his backlog at first and have started giving Snyder some play at his old position behind the plate.

It’s hard not to stress how important this spring is for Brandon Snyder. He still has the ability and opportunity to be the O’s 1st baseman of the future. If it does workout than it is a much needed success for the O’s scouting department. If it doesn’t, then it will be life as usual.