Orioles acquire Michael MorseIt’s official. Michael Morse is the newest member of the Baltimore Orioles. Dan Duquette sent outfield prospect Xavier Avery for a month of Morse in hopes of returning to the postseason.

Morse is making $6.75 million this season and Steve Adams of MLBTradeRumors.com reports that he is owed $1.1 million on that contract. He has hit just .226/.283/.410 in 76 games this season and missed five weeks with a quad strain. Baltimore’s offense has really struggled against left handed pitching, hitting just .247/.293/.405 against southpaws this season. Morse is a career .293/.349/.495 hitter against lefties.

In return, Seattle gets Baltimore’s number ten prospect according to MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo and seventh according to Baseball America. Avery hit just .237/.312/.312 in 333 plate appearances in the International League with Triple-A Norfolk this season. He began the season having hit .300/.391/.406 with Double-A Bowie in the Eastern League.

In a matter of months both outfielders of the future, Avery and L.J. Hoes, have been dealt by the O’s. Hoes helped bring starter Bud Norris, who isn’t a free agent until 2016, to Baltimore.

The price seems steep for a guy who will play for only a month in Baltimore, but if it gets the O’s back to the postseason it won’t matter.

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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the presses…the Orioles paid $1.1 million dollars for a ONE MONTH RENTAL of Michael Morse?!?!?

    This can’t be true, there must be a mistake.

    The Orioles are cheap, remember?

    Oh, I know, this will be said to be “over paying”.

    If they pay somebody it’s “over paying” or “what they had to do”

    If they don’t pay they’re “cheap” or “building Angelos’ Trust Fund”.


  2. This was a good move. Avery wasn’t going anywhere, just like Ravens2488. Again, like 2488, couldn’t hit the curveball or the fastball or a wiffle ball for that matter. We will get more from Morse in one moth that we would have gotten in total for Avery.

  3. Is this organization asleep,,,,,,,,,they need pitching , you know the guy who throws the ball to the guy who hits it,,,,,,,,I hope I have made this simple enough for the GM to understand why the O’s are in trouble,,,,,,,,,,,Look , they know where their problem lies but they ARE too cheap to acquire quality pitching,,,,,,,,,,,,on that note , enjoy Tillman while you can because Angelos ain’t paying him to stay here if he continues on his current path , he is the Ace of a below average staff,,,,,,,,,,,,just look at MLBs stats on pitching , it ain’t pretty…………………so lets go get another bat……………

  4. I can’t disagree here. The hitting isn’t giving up 13 runs to the Dead Sox or 8 runs to the Yankmees. In turn though, getting a hitter is better than sitting on your hands unless your are Ravens2488 who can’t keep his hands off other people’s junk and is a kleptomaniac!

    • Hey 9inchnails, your wife likes my hands all over her and I don’t take anything when I leave your house… So it’s all good…

      • That was pretty funny……………..I hope it’s not true , you always want to leave with a reminder of your stay………….

  5. Anyone notice the tremendous slide on his numbers ? Anyone besides me think he was on the juice ? Get real people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s bad enough the O’s won’t pay for a decent pitcher (I like Norris) but they pay a guy who most likely juiced up , don’t let him sit next to Roberts………………

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