Here’s a nifty infographic from Team Marketing Report on Twitter. According to team’s prices per ounce of beer, the Baltimore Orioles sell the tenth cheapest brew in Major League Baseball. At $0.38 at ounce, the O’s are only behind the Phillies (surprisingly), Astros, Athletics, Padres, Pirates Indians, Rangers, Diamondbacks and Angels.

Orioles sell tenth cheapest beer per ounce

Baseball’s most expense beer comes from Fenway Park where the Boston Red Sox charge $0.60 per ounce. Surprisingly, the Yankees are behind the Cardinals, Blue Jays and Nationals at $0.52.

I’m always surprised when people complain about the price of Orioles games. You can park right across from Camden Yards for eight bucks, sit in the bleachers for $15 and enjoy the tenth cheapest beer in baseball.

Hopefully you choose to drink a Natty Boh.