The Baltimore Orioles are done shopping for a second baseman. Robert Andino, Ryan Flaherty, Brian Roberts and now Alexi Casilla. Dan Duquette thinks they’ve got it covered.

“I think we have enough people on our roster to man the position,” Duq told reporters according to’s Roch Kubatko.

Casilla was claimed by the O’s on Friday afternoon, he’s a 28 year old switch hitting, speedy, middle infielder. He’s a career .250 hitter who has spent seven seasons in Minnesota and has stolen 71 bases in 80 attempts.

“We like his speed and defense, and also, he’s a very accomplished base stealer,” Duquette added. “We think his skills will be additive to our team.”


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  1. Hope you all realize that with this claim and subsequent “We have it covered” by Duquette that you all don’t start with any dumbass trades or free agent signings that the Orioles will make this off season. It’s already showing that it’s going to be the same ol, same ol with the Orioles.

    Claim a player off waivers or via Rule 5 and that’s going to be it. There will not be no big or even middle of the road name player coming here.

    I had this fear that the Orioles will stay status quo and only make some minor transactions based on this past season and already it’s coming to fruition.

    Look, they had a great year in terms of the past 14 years but to go further the Orioles NEED to get someone(s) of big value. I’m not talking a Josh Hamilton type. Maybe a Kevin Youkilis would help this team on the field and in the clubhouse.

    On another note, hats off to Ol’Bruz on his Marco Scutoro comments being spot-on…

  2. Yea, and Pole was right about the cheating in his fantasy football league, too.

  3. And 9inchnails was correct about the cheating last year…..

  4. Fuck you Steve. Ain’t playin this fucking shit. Go fuck off. Your dead to me asshole.

  5. Thanks for your glowing comments….

  6. ummm, I did not post these two comments. Someone is pretending to be me? Is it you Spy, Mystery Man, TIM…who’s trying to be me?

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