Mike Morse - Mariners outfielder/first basemanIf you’re a former Washington Nationals slugger, odds are you’re going to get claimed on waivers by the Baltimore Orioles. Man, Dmitri Young is going to look awesome in orange in black.

Wednesday night we learned that the O’s claimed slugger Josh Willingham from the Twins and are working on a deal to being him to Charm City. Thursday morning Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com reported that Mariners outfielder/first baseman Mike Morse had also been claimed by the Birds.

2013 hasn’t been Morse’s year, he’s hit just .226/.238/.410 with 13 home runs in 307 plate appearances after hitting .295/.347/.492 a season ago. He missed five weeks this season with a quad injury.

The Orioles have 48 hours to strike a deal with Seattle for Morse. He would likely come to Baltimore for less than Willingham given his numbers this season and the fact that he’s a free agent at the end of the year.

Baltimore is 5-6 in their last 11 games and have scored an average of 4.90 runs per game over that span. Again, pitching is their weakness. I suppose these claims are in hopes of helping the Birds win more 8-7, 7-6 type games.

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  1. Why go after these guys who have had to stop juicing because their chemists aren’t that good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why , because they are cheap , that’s why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this kind of stuff just angers the fans who want the O’s to be decent again but keep showing the baseball world how cheap Angelos really is,,,,,,,,looks like next year will be more of the same , throw more of it against the wall and hope some sticks………………….

  2. Willingham and $7 million ain’t cheap! Your argument should be why didn’t we go after Will-o last year as a free agent, then I would agree with you. Morse, we could have traded for in the off season but the Ripken Nationals didn’t want to trade with us.

    Look at how ALL the stats have declined since juicing stopped…

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