The Orioles’ 2015 offseason has begun, in the form of a waiver claim. I didn’t promise it would be exciting, but at least something has happened. In this case, it’s Patrick McCoy of the Detroit Tigers.

McCoy is a 26-year old lefty who appeared in 14 innings at the major league level in 2014. So… um… good?

This is one of those moves that we have wait to see if it is good, bad, or irrelevant. As I mentioned in a discussion of Nick Markakis’ contract situation, I think you have to simply sit back and trust Dan Duquette and company.

McCoy represents a left-handed reliever whose minor league profile indicates that he can get lefties. It’s a role currently filled at the major league level by Brian Matusz (other lefties include T.J. McFarland and closer Zach Britton). With this acquisition, the Orioles have 33 players on the 40-man roster.

Maybe he’s insurance. Maybe it means something. Maybe it means nothing. All it means for now is that the Orioles front office has started pulling the trigger on bringing talent into the organization that they believe will improve the chances of bringing a championship back to Baltimore.

Go get ’em, Dan.