Orioles Victory Leap
Image Credit: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Over the past week, ESPN.com has been running a tournament between all thirty MLB teams to find the best uniform in the game. I sort of neglected this tournament, but other local blogs campaigned for the Orioles, a 13 seed, throughout each round.

On Monday, the O’s upset the number one seeded St. Louis Cardinals and were voted the best uniform in baseball. See, they can win something.

Baltimore’s uniform has some great style features, beginning with those wonderful orange and black colors (always an outstanding look) and extending to the great cartoon Oriole logo on the cap (much preferable to the ornithologically correct version). It’s a classic uniform that looked great on Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Jim Palmer, and it still looks great on Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Chris Davis.

While I would still like to see the O’s mix in a “B” cap on the road, I’m a huge fan of the cartoon bird, Baltimore script and overall classic look of the their uniforms. It’s tough to argue the black and orange.

Now let’s hope they can end this skid and win a game on the field tonight against CC Sabathia and the Yankees.

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  1. Just get rid of that damned “O’s” hat!!!

    Black uni’s on Fridays/Black and Orange Cartoon Bird hat.

    White and Orange home uni’s/White panell cartoon bird.

    Grey road uni’s/ “B” script hat like Buck wore the other day!


  2. As a child I was embarrassed by the Orioles bird as the team symbol. It’s the state bird, I get that but it was not macho and did not strike fear in your opposition. As the years evolved and so the uniforms, I thought the cartoon bird was worse than the politically correct Baltimore Oriole bird. The O’s hat complete the tri-fecta for worse still as it reminded me of the wizard of Oz, lame and silly. That said, the fans voted and the Orioles uniforms won, just goes to show, different strokes. Congrats Baltimore.

  3. Really? Guess the bottled votes out of country didn’t hurt things. Because the orioles have more out of country fans then attend a typical orioles game. But hey why let the facts get in the way, you ain’t cheating you aren’t trying.

  4. The uni’s are fine , the hat is horrible , the team is average and the fans are contributing to Peter the Great’s retirement fine on a regular basis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everyone is mostly happy , the problem is , last year was an enigma…………………..

  5. Best Uni’s?? Seriously??
    Last time I checked the hat is part of the Uniform and the O’s have the worst hat in baseball…all 3 of them!
    A cartoon bird?? really?? Oh wait, here’s a real bird sitting on a stick. Or even better, the O’s…that’s a crowd-pleaser.
    An ESPN poll carries as much credence as an American Idol vote or a book of the month selection at the local 7-11.
    Who did ESPN poll… kindergarteners??

    • Haters gonna hate.

    • Mike! That is a fascinating story you told us yesterday when you got back in town but I have to say Hoss, the name alone, “Mr. Bandabaloobi from Nigeria” should have let you know it was one of those email scams. Why the hell would you actually travel to Nigeria based on “Mr. Bandabaloobi” telling you he would give you $3 million dollars because he needed someone in a different country to come collect it from the Nigerian Government. Then you describe getting there, being beaten and taken to a hotel room where you were stripped naked and kissed by hairy men who kept telling you they loved you. Like you said, you didn’t want to do anything to anger the men so you allowed them to tie you up and you did things you sometimes thought about doing to hairy men but never really expected it to happen. And now your pissed because you never got to meet “Mr. Bandabaloobi”? What the hell is wrong with you?

  6. Intimidator,

    Has Mike been boring you with that story, too?

  7. Uh oh,,,,,,,,, The Intimidator is back,,,,,,,

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