Patrick Semansky/Associated Press Hah! I was laughing at Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter as former Oriole 1st Rounder, Brandon Snyder, spanked the Orioles for 6 RBIs last night.

To be fair, Snyder had a hard time showing his promise as a member of the Orioles organization. He killed it in AA Bowie in 2009 when he had a .343 BA, .421 OPS, and 10 homers in 58 games.   After that, he went to Norfolk where it seems that most O’s hitters go to die. That massive park seems to suck the life out of the prospects. He had chances with the big league club in 2010 and 2011, and he never seemed to catch the favor of manager Buck Showalter. Was it his Production? Attitude? Perception in the Clubhouse? Who knows except that the O’s were terrible and yet, he wasn’t getting the playing time.

This off season, Duquette and Showalter showed how they really felt about Snyder when they traded him a way for cash considerations in order to clear a spot for the amazing Jai Miller.

I have nothing against Miller. I am just bummed when I see the O’s give up on a #1 Draft pick for a player who can’t stop striking out. Former 1st Rounders, Billy Rowell and Matt Hobgood have been disasters. Snyder still had a chance to make something of himself. He could have been a late bloomer. It kills me to know that Jayson Werth was an O’s 1st Rounder and he didn’t show his mettle until after he left the organization. It wouldn’t shock me to see Snyder do the same and make a nice career for himself. 

So one game isn’t going to define Snyder’s career, and he took out his ugly stick on a sub-par Brian Matusz performance. I’m still glad he had the chance to show his friends and family a brief glimpse on why the O’s drafted him #1 all those years ago. He’s a great guy, and I hope he finds the success he deserves.

As for the O’s Front Office, it will take a while and some proven success for me to trust Buck and Duquette like I do Ozzie and the Ravens Front Office.  The Ravens win consistently and have the respect of their peers, and the O’s need to at least have sustained success. And for all the positives the O’s have had this year, last night it looked like they were the one’s with egg on their faces.


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  1. You were laughing at the Orioles for losing? If I did that to the Ravens I’d get run out of town. Go Jarrett Johnson!

    • I was laughing at Snyder taking it to his former boss. In an ideal world, the Orioles would have been able to muster some offense and win that game.

  2. Typical Ravens’ fan.

  3. I’m drunk

  4. Not sure if Sads just posted this to get a rise, but I’ll bite.

    Over the last few years I’ve tried to temper the unbridled enthusiasm of what I’ve termed the nouveau Ravens fans. You know these guys, the ones who when you talk about Micheal Jackson they think you’ve turned the conversation into a pop music dialogue. There’s so many “Ravens’ Fanboys” out there now, it’s just become the cool thing to do, the party scene, on a Sunday and it’s no longer about the sport. I’ve nitpicked every little thing they’ve done wrong or even that I could twist as a wrong just because this new “fan” base drives me crazy. Have a few .500 seasons or God forbid, a losing season and watch the rats jump ship.

    So now, Sads takes yet another “easy shot” at the Orioles. In my book, picking on the Orioles, if you are a fan, is akin to piling on the weakling in a bar fight. You know, somebody’s already decked the guy and somebody steals his wallet and pulls his pants down, sound familiar, Baltimore?

    I could easily say the name “Priest Holmes” and while Sads would know who and what I mean, most of the “fan boys” would say “is that the Ravens’ Clergyman?”

    So while the Orioles have earned the dubious right for any criticism that comes their way by virtue of 14 straight losing seasons, this post was merely a guy walking up and stealing the knocked out drunk guys’ wallet.

    • I’m not kicking anyone while they are down. despite two horrible games, the o’s are still in first place in the AL East. I’ll take it, but I am allowed to express my disappointment in the treatment of Snyder. If Buck continues to win with Betimit, Davis, and Reynolds, AND/OR Snyder’s game is one of a few highlights for an awful season. I’ll admit Buck made the best decision.

      I’ve never made any statements saying the Ravens were perfect. They have made their share of blunders- Grbac, Holmes, Boller, Kindle(?), James Harrison. At the end of the day, Ozzie and the Ravens are known for having a wonderful front office. The new Oriole regime has yet to impress.

  5. BTW, Ravens just signed McBean who must sit out the first six games because of a drug suspension…sure we wont see a post on that though and it’ll be another great move by Oz.

    • There are plenty of previously suspended for PED players that I wouldn’t mind having on the Ravens including Fred Davis, Brian Cushing, Vincent Jackson, Santonio Holmes, and Calvin Pace to name a few. If McBean’s suspension helped Ozzie get a deal, well then, making a wise salary cap move is good with me.

  6. Oh, it’s been reduced to 3 because he threatened a lawsuit.

    Glad they don’t sign controversial guys anymore.

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