Scott FeldmanJon Heyman of CBS sports reports that, according a person connected to the Orioles’ organization, funds are “tapped out.” Heyman also states that the Scott Feldman trade cost the O’s $3 million in funds to make. Heyman’s source also states that a pursuit of Minnesota Twins’ Justin Morneau, who makes 6 million this year, would be too expensive.

I don’t think Morneau was really on the Orioles’ radar, mainly just speculation due to a struggling DH role. Still, this does not bode well for the O’s, who are still looking to add another pitcher and to extend Matt Wieters‘ contract. Any more additions to the Major League club will need to be from the minors or budget free agents.

Both sides on Wieters contract extension are reported as “not close”, with that and now a tight budget, all signs point to an agreement not being reached till the offseason or possibly next season. The pitcher the O’s are looking for might be traded for Chris Dickerson, who was DFA’d and a reported traded “was in the works.” At least now I don’t to hear the name Cliff Lee shouted whenever someone talks about a trade.

Guest Post by Cody Colston. You can follow him at @The_OtherCody

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Cody Colston is an aspiring sports journalist that tries to brighten up a reader's day. He's a born and bred Baltimore sports fan that also loves the Washington Capitals and Wizards. He co-hosts the Between Two Birds podcast with Connor Guercio.


  1. Why not mention Cliff Le,,,,,,isn’t he good enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here we go again , too much money , what about all that MASN money , sorry that all goes to the Angelos trust fund,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the truth is , the O’s are good enough for this organization right now , the gullable fans have come back to some degree and they are making more monet than they thought they would so they can add even more to the trust fund,,,,,,,,,,,why try to win it all , they don’t have too that’s why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this team may get lucky and do very well in the playoffs and that is all they want , why spend money on a quality pitcher who only pitches once every five days,,,,,,,,,,,,,I can’t wait to se how they handle the upcoming contracts of Chen , Gonzalez and Tillman,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you can bet they will be undercut because they may be a little too good for the O’s…………………..

  2. spy you’re a character. Forbes lists the Orioles in the bottom half of MLB in terms of revenue; MLB provides them with supplemental draft picks assigned for the bottom half of revenue producing teams and you don’t believe either one.

    Some reporter looking to make a headline lists a “source” saying the Orioles are “tapped out” and it’s gotta be true.

    I’ve enjoyed another great season with this team and the return of exciting baseball. It’s been great. Five all stars and this kid Machado is incredible. Don’t worry though, Mediocre Joe will be back in action next week along withe the genius Harbaugh who doesn’t have Billick’s team to protect him anymore.

    • Forbes does not include any MASN money , for those characters who are uninformed , it is shown as a separate entity apart from the the O’s bank account,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to make it simpler for those who are deranged , the MASN money stands alone as does the ball clubs money………………..The O’s have much more money than shows on the balance sheet and those in the know , know it……………….Angelos just doesn’t want to spend it like he said he would , oh no another lie from Angelos……………….

      • And teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, etc. can’t figure out this loophole?

        Come on spy, not even a good argument.

  3. The Orioles should look no further than the Ravens to appreciate when the opportunity is there to take the team to the next level you take it. Tapped out or not, the team that the Orioles have at present will slowly dismantle in the next year or so if past trends at any indication. Even though the have AJ and Nick signed to long terms deals. Weiters is looking for a BIG pay day, $3 million CD is waiting in the wings for his pay day and Hardy/BRob ain’t getting any younger.. I think that the O’s should roll the dice in 2013 on a rental- Garza, Lee, Morris and try to advance further than the first round.

    • Well put , I agree , the time is now before all those contracts come up,,please do it I want a world series win this year , now………………………

  4. Good points Will-o, I would have to agree with you.

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