It was a long and humbling process for the Orioles, but they finally found their new General Manager, Dan Duquette.  Don’t be confused, he’s not former O’s and Mets GM Jim Duquette.  That’s his cousin.

Dan Duquette worked as the Expo’s GM from 1992-94 and took over as the Red Sox GM between 1994-2002.  Where has he been the last nine years?  He hasn’t been working in a baseball front office, but instead working on a sports academy for children that he started after being let go in Boston.

Duquette’s strengths happen to be the Orioles weaknesses.  His background is in scouting and player development and he’s seen great success in the amateur draft.  Though Theo Epstein gets most of the credit for Boston’s two World Series titles, Duquette was the guy that set the table up in New England.  As Steve Adams at points out, Duquette traded for Pedro Martinez, signed Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon and helped produce Vladimir Guerrero and Cliff Floyd.  Not too shabby.’s Rich Dubroff reports that Duquette’s contract is expected to be a three year deal.