Major League Baseball unveiled its first ballot update for the 2012 All-Star Game in Kansas City and four Orioles find themselves in the top five at their respective positions.

Robert “Bob” Andino ranks fourth among American League second baseman with 317,434 votes.  Andino is behind Ian Kinsler, Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia.

J.J. Hardy ranks third among AL shortstops with 489,941 votes.  He finds himself behind Derek Jeter and Elvis Andrus.

Matt Wieters is currently in second behind Mike Napoli for the AL catcher spot.  Wieters has recorded 713,469 votes.

By far the biggest star on the Orioles roster, Adam Jones, is fifth on the AL outfielders list with a team-leading 857,543 votes.  Jones is currently behind Josh Hamilton, Curtis Granderson, Nelson Cruz and Jose Bautista.  Teammate Nick Markakis is seven spots behind Jones with 384,390 votes.

We’ve talked at length on the BSR Podcast about which Oriole(s) will represent Baltimore in the All-Star game.  I think Adam Jones has to make it and he deserves to be a starter. Unfortunately he finds himself behind two Rangers, a Yankee and of course Jose Bautista.

The trend in these votes shouldn’t surprise any baseball fan.  It’s the big market players that top the list.

Go out and vote 25 times for Bob, J.J., Wiet, A.J., and Kakes.  See what I did there?