Tony LaCava told the media all the right things when he turned down the Orioles general manager job to stay as an assistant under Alex Anthopoulos in Toronto.  “When I decided to interview, it wasn’t that I was looking to leave. But there are only 30 GM positions and I was interested in it,” LaCava said according to Aaron Gleeman of  “When I weighed both at the end of the day, I just didn’t feel I could leave the Blue Jays. I am working in a great place, a job that I love. It’s just as simple as that.”

Unfortunately, his kind words don’t help Orioles fans as their team remains GM-less with free agency just hours away.  LaCava’s decision is just the latest thing to go wrong for the Orioles.  I’m not at all encouraged by this process.  Despite his answers, at the end of the day he still turned down one of those thirty GM jobs to remain an assistant.  What does that say about coming to work for Peter Angelos and the Orioles?

This is a team that has enough trouble landing free agents as it is, without a GM what kind of luck do you think they’re going to have?

For a few days it seemed like LaCava to Baltimore was a done deal.  Gleeman reports that the Blue Jays “were already making plans for his departure.”  What happened?  Roch Kubatko tweeted that he heard one of the issues for LaCava was personnel moves that he wanted to make.  In my opinion the general manager should have full control over the team’s operations.  If that means that LaCava wanted to fire everyone beneath him and start over then so be it.  That’s an extreme example, but I think in order to be success as a GM you can’t be micromanaged.  Clearly he felt that he would have been.

How many guys turn down promotions?  Guys that would rather stay in a lower paying job than deal with poor support from higher ups.

So who’s next?  It sounds like the O’s are expanding their interviews.  I’ll have a post about the second round of candidates later on BSR.