Manny Machado and two of his Orioles teammates lead the league in innings at their respective positions.On this week’s BSR Podcast, Jabby Burns and I were talking about Matt Wieters‘ playing time behind the plate and how it compares to the innings other catchers log around the league. It’s amazing to me how much Wieters has been criticized by certain fans this season due to his struggles at the plate this season. After another 0-for-4 last night, I’m sure the trolls will continue to troll.

In 2013, Wieters has been the Orioles catcher in 808.1 innings, leading all American League players in his position in innings caught. Interestingly, Nick Markakis also leads AL right fielders in innings at his position with 914.1.

The Birds have three players that lead all of baseball in innings play at their position. Can you name them?