Every second place team in baseball has a positive run differential, expect for the Baltimore Orioles.

At 46-43, the O’s are nine games back of the Yankees in the East and half a game back in the AL Wild Card race.  Some how they’ve managed to remain in the hunt with a minus-55 run differential.  That’s second worse in all of baseball behind the last place Minnesota Twins.

Bad news for the Birds, all of last year’s playoffs teams had run differentials of at least plus-69.  The Yankees had a plus-210 differential.

How did the O’s manage to remain in the race with such poor balance?  41 games into the season they were a season high 27-14.  They’ve gone 19-29 since that point.  The Birds had a minus-30 run differential in their 13-13 June and have a minus-33 so far in their 4-8 July.