If Hollywood made it movie about the 2012 Baltimore Orioles, who would be in the cast? We attempt to answer that question with the help of a number of O’s fans.

Buckyball Poster: Non-Existent Movie About Orioles 2012 Season

Our good friends at Protect This Yard have come up with the brilliant idea of making a movie about the Baltimore Orioles 2012 season. With the success of Moneyball, the guys at PTY have titled their film Buckyball and are accepting ideas for the cast of this sure to be blockbuster.

Being the gigantic O’s fans that we were, we thought we would put together some of the best tweets for the cast and share them here on BSR.

If you have an idea for who should be casted in Buckyball, tweet @ProtectThisYard and use the hashtag #BuckyBall.


Buck Showalter in Buckyball

Buck Showalter as Buck Showalter

As suggested by BSR’s Dave Gilmore on Twitter.
This one should be easy. The Orioles skipper already has an acting credit in an episode of Seinfeld and is comfortable in front of the camera from his time on ESPN. There’s no reason he can’t play himself in Buckyball. Besides, who would you really want playing Buck Showalter? I don’t have confidence in anyone in Hollywood to pull that off.



Ben Affleck as Jim Johnson in BuckyballBen Affleck as Jim Johnson

As suggested by Alex Clore on Twitter.
I can see the resemblance. Plus, if you get Ben Affleck to play a role you can probably get him to direct the film. Two birds, one stone. (Birds — get it?). Affleck would have to cut the hair short, but has the right look to play baseball’s saves leader.



Lou Ferrigno as Chris DavisLou Ferrigno as Chris Davis in Buckyball

As suggested by Orioles center fielder Adam Jones on Twitter.
Could you see the Hulk playing Chris Davis? Or acting like a right fielder? It would be pretty hilarious. But that’s what Adam Jones tweeted to the guys at PTY. Ferrigno is certainly built like Davis and he could probably hit a broken bat home run like Davis did. Good enough for me.



Rob McElhenney as J.J. Hardy

Rob McElhenney as J.J. Hardy in BuckyballJ.J. Hardy texted Dustin Pedroia asking him to play against Yankees

As suggested by Bryan Merlock on Twitter.
If you don’t watch Always Sunny, you probably have no idea of Rob McElhenney is. If you do, then you know that he’s the perfect guy to play Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy. The guys looks almost exactly like him. Add in the soul patch and you might just fool people into thinking Rob is J.J. He’ll have to work on his ping pong skills those.



Ken Jeong as Wei-Yin ChenKen Jeong as Wei-Yin Chen in Buckyball

As suggested by Adam Jones (again) on Twitter.
Though Jones didn’t know Jeong’s name, he tweeted “Chen is the Asian guy from hangover lmao.” So we’ll go with it, Ken Jeong better know as Mr. Chow in The Hangover or to us Community fans, Señor Chang, will be playing the role of stud Orioles rookie Wei-Yin Chen. Done and done.



John Krasinski as Taylor Teagarden in BuckyballJohn Krasinski as Taylor TeagardenTaylor Teagarden

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
Playing the role of Orioles backup catcher Taylor Teagarden will be Jim from The Office, John Krasinski. We’ll have to test out his ability to take a shaving cream pie after some extra inning heroics, but I’m all for Krasinski playing Teagarden. Can we some how work Pam into this movie?



Chris Hemsworth as Matt Wieters

Chris Hemsworth as Matt Wieters in Buckyball

As suggested by Garrett Ross on Twitter.
Though not a spitting image of the Orioles catcher, Chris Hemsworth is an awesome choice to play Matt Wieters mostly because it would be epic for the guy that played Thor to portray Baltimore’s super hero. Hemsworth’s personality seems to be much like the nonchalant style of Wieters and I could buy him continually throwing out the fools that attempt to steal on the O’s.



Adrien Brody as Miguel Gonzalez in BuckyballAdrien Brody as Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez

As suggested by Tom Lathroum on Twitter.
Now this is a good one. I could see the Oscar Winner, Adrien Brody, getting way into the role for Miguel Gonzalez. He’ll have to cut the hair and play the shy O’s superstar who seemed to be unflappable to tough road games down the stretch. Bordy works.



Neil Patrick Harris as Nate McLouth

As suggested by me.
A lot of Orioles fans have had different suggestions for Nate McLouth. He played a pivotal role in the amazing Orioles season. A friend of mine told me right after he was called up by Baltimore that McLouth looked exactly like Neil Patrick Harris. I think he’s spot on. NPH for NM. Only because Dash is a computer animation.



Dierks Bentley as Mark Reynolds

As suggested by Tom Lathroum on Twitter.
I’m no country music fan, so I don’t know much about Dierks Bentley, but these two could be brothers. Bentley has a few appearances on Late Night TV shows, but no real acting experience according to his IMDB profile. He’d have to add some muscle for play Mark Reynolds, the role he seems to be born to play.



Drake as Robert Andino in BuckyballRobert Andino was drilled in the helmet by the Red SoxDrake As Robert Andino

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
Drake will be making his acting debut as the Orioles second baseman/Red Sox slayer Robert “Bob” Andino. I like it. It only makes sense that Bob would be portrayed by a rapper and Drake has just the right look.
(Apparently Drake was in some Canadian TV show. At least that’s what commenters have told me).



Donnie Wahlberg as Lew Ford in BuckyballDonnie Wahlberg as Lew Ford

As suggested by Mike Thorn on Twitter.
You knew we had to have one of the Wahlbergs in this movie. It’s going to be tough for Donnie Wahlberg to put his love for all things Boston on the backburner while portraying unsung Orioles hero Lew Ford, but I’m confident he can pull it off.



50 Cent as Pedro Strop in Buckyball50 Cent as Pedro Strop

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
I don’t know how we didn’t see this earlier. Both 50 Cent and Pedro Strop wear their hats at the same angle, they’re both ripped and I’m sure that 50 could fire a baseball in the upper 90s. It only makes sense to have him the play role of the O’s setup man.



Dan Akroyd as Dan Duquette in BuckyballDan Akroyd as Dan Duquette

Also suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
Now this one is right on the money. Honestly, I could see Dan Akroyd legitimately being an awesome general manager. His role in Buckyball as Orioles GM Dan Duquette is perfect. Akroyd will be the man with the plan that helped turn around this storied franchise.



Matthew Fox as Nick Markakis

Matthew Fox as Nick Markakis

As suggested by Scott Maurer on Twitter.
I’m pumped to have Jack from Lost play Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis. Honestly, that’s all I know Matthew Fox from, but that’s good enough. He’s the stern veteran on a young team who leads from the bench after going down with a devastating late season injury. Can’t you see it? I can, but maybe it’s because I’m a huge Lost nerd. HUGE!



Josh Charles as Darren O'Day in BuckyballDarren O'DayJosh Charles as Darren O’Day

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
We had to get Baltimore’s Josh Charles in Buckyball. He’s a diehard Orioles fan and he threw out the first pitch before game two of the ALDS. Charles will have to work on his sidearm delivery, as he’ll be portraying postseason hero, Darren O’Day.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Manny Machado in BuckyballManny MachadoJoseph Gordon-Levitt as Manny Machado

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
This is Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s year. How could we deny him a role in the biggest sports movie of our generation? The good news is that Gordon-Levitt has some acting experience in a baseball movie. The bad news is that was like 15 years ago and he was a kid in Angels In The Outfield.



Haley Joel Osment as Brian Matusz in BuckyballHaley Joel Osment as Brian Matusz

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
I think our own Matt Sadler might be behind this one. I have to admit, I’m a bit leery of Haley Joel Osment playing Brian Matusz. It’s a big role to play the Orioles former first round pick/converted lefty specialist. He’s got the right look though, I can’t deny that.



Ryan Gosling as Troy Patton in BuckyballRyan Gosling as Troy Patton

As suggested by Protect This Yard on Twitter.
The ladies love Ryan Gosling. If we’re going to get them to see this movie, he’ll have to be in it. He looks enough like Troy Patton to make that happen. I’m thinking if we throw in a short scene of Gosling without a shirt, we’ll kill it among the female demographic. Done and done.



Will Smith as Adam Jones in BuckyballWill Smith as Adam Jones

As suggested by MASNSports.com’s Roch Kubatko.
Casting an actor to play Adam Jones has without a doubt been the most talked about of the Buckyball roles. I’ve seen Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson mentioned, but I think Roch Kubatko nailed it. It has to be Will Smith. No one could play Jones better both in acting on the field and off the field. After all, Jones’ postgame tweets and comments as well as his obsession for good food will be a big part in Buckyball. I can only trust Will Smith with this one.


There have been tons of other hilarious suggestions for roles in Buckyball including Arnold Schwarzenegger as Roch Kubatko and Larry The Cable Guy as Tommy Hunter. I’m sure great ones will continue to trickle in, so I’ll keep this post updated when they do.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


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  2. Jake Gyllenhaal as Nick Markakis. Paul Walker as Chris Davis, after Paul hits the gym for a few months. Mario Lopez as Manny…

  3. I still say Mackenzie Astin for Nate McClouth.

  4. The Intimidator as Jim Thome, Spy as Peter Angelos, Mystery Man as the OPACY men’s bathroom attendant, Jim from Dundalk usher section 27, MGW as Jerry Seinfeld , Will-o as Peter Angelos, Jeffro Tull as Brian Roberts and Ravens2488 as the gut who cleans bird shit from Monument Park. We need a stadium PA guy, hmmmmmm….oh nevermind.

  5. Tweeted last month (https://twitter.com/Adderabbi/status/248765457597874176) that James Deen should play JJ Hardy and that Matt Damon on stilts could play Wieters.
    Tommy Lee Jones as Buck.
    Dule Hill as Manny Machado
    Akroyd as Duquette is an inspired choice.

  6. Nick Cannon as Adam Jones…come on, I know Will Smith is awesome, but you can’t have a near 50 year old playing a 20-something year old.

  7. Troy Patton is missing again! Maybe Ryan Gosling goes blonde for the role?

  8. If Buck is playing himself, Philip Seymour Hoffman has to at least be his stunt double.
    I agree with these suggestions I saw on twitter:
    harold perrineau as Wilson Betemit
    Channing Tatum as Chris Tillman

  9. Not Drake’s acting debut. He was on that Canadian show Degrassi before becoming a rapper

  10. G.E. Smith from the SNL band (ok, not really an actor) as Nate McLouth.

  11. I think Rob Wells is a better pick for Wieters

  12. David Caruso as Buck.

  13. A better JJ Hardy would be Timothy Olyphant, a perfect twin.

  14. Michael Imperioli would be ideal playing Ryan Flaherty.

  15. Christian Borle as Taylor Teagarden

  16. Dan Duquette = Edgar from MIB = Vincent D’onofrio

  17. Mark Harmon as Rick Adair
    The guy who played “Bubba” in Forrest Gump as Wayne Kirby
    Jack Nicholson as Peter Angelos
    Sam Elliot as John Russell (not a spot on resemblance, but they both seem to have the similar demeanor….not sure I’ve ever seen either one smile)

  18. Just in case Buck is too busy getting us to the World Series next year…I think Philip Seymour Hoffman could totally do Buck justice!

  19. IF you use Ben Affleck for JJ then,

    Mat Damon as Nate McClouth. Think his quiet, dark performance in Good Will Hunting.
    Tommy Lee Jones as Buck. A natural choice.
    Ryan Gosling as Ryan Flaherty.
    Edward Norton as JJ Hardy….
    Damn this is fun.

  20. dude… steve zahn is spitting image of nate mclouth. just sayin.

  21. John Cena as Matt Wieters.

  22. Haley Joel Osment as Matusz.

  23. Jay Hernandez as Manny Machado. He was a character in the recent baseball movie The Rookie about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 40-year-old rookie pitcher. Guy played third. He also was in The Hostel…

  24. def willam defoe as mclouth

  25. Ed Hochuli DEFINITELY has the biceps to pull off Roch.

  26. Andino should be switched to J Cole (rapper).
    See picture: http://reeselew.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/j-cole1.jpg

  27. So cute that you people are playing dressup for a pretend movie. Get a life people.

    I say Rosie O’Donnell plays CurleyC, Oprah plays Duker, Rosanne Barr plays Dave, The rapper “MasterBaider” plays Steve, and Neil Patrick Harris plays Bri. Freaking losers.

  28. CurlyC,

    I know GoofBall and a personality who would better fit his role would be Richard Simmons, if Richard could play the role a little more flamboyant than his normal MO.

  29. Really CurlyC? Some clown calls you out as a fat, loudmouth, lesbian, no talent piece of shit and you come back with an out of date, most young people never heard of, Jim Nabors?

    If you ever need help in not being “Politically Correct” and lowering someone down to homeless crackwhore status, call me, The Intimidator. 24 hours, 7 days a week, day or night, I’ll answer the call of berating the shit out of someone who deserves it.

    • You’re a fuckin’ idiot, Tim!

      • Tim? That’s it CurlySue? Look assclown, most people wait until they are at least 80 before they start mumbling and shitting their pants. I see you decided to start early… And also AC, don’t ever get locked up… I can see you being the “Jailhouse Bitch”.

        Before I leave you to jackhammer yourself assclown I have to say that you are the only guy I know who gets a boner when he see’s his Uncle coming…

      • Curly, The Intimidator was taking up for you and wanted to help you out and you call him a “F’ing Idiot”. Are you a dumbass Curly? When a guy that intimidating wants to help you you take the help. I think you owe the guy an apology Curly.

        • Ummm, that wasn’t me. Someone is using my name. Can’t say that I’m surprised as it’s happened before. Someone out there likes me!

  30. Nick Cannon as Adam Jones
    Kirk Herbstreit as Jim Thome
    Owen Wilson as Nate McClouth

  31. CurlyC, you may want to role with The Intimidator when you need him. The guy is a beast and you’ll laugh your ass off on his comments… Like Andrew Dice Clay, Larry the Cable Guy and Paul Teutel rolled into one…

  32. Why does nobody but me see that Matt Wieters looks just like Kevin Bacon?

  33. Cause your dead Belushi…

  34. […] this circulated today and made us all giggle for a while.  And then there was this…  OH HELL NO. […]

  35. woody harrelson as nate mclouth

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