I’m been watching the Orioles playoff chances chart on CoolStandings.com for most of the season.  It’s sort of become like the stock market for a sports fan.

CoolStandings.com not only ranks a team’s place in their league and division, but then creates a percentage chance of that team winning the division, winning the wild card or just making the postseason.

After the Orioles were shutout in back-to-back games by the Angels, their playoff chances dipped to a lowly 11.8 percent.  Which is pretty crazy because if the season ended today, the Orioles would be playing postseason baseball.  The O’s have a 2.5 percent chance of winning the division, which is led by the 52-33 Yankees.  They have a 9.3 percent chance of grabbing a wild card spot.

11.8 percent is the lowest the Orioles playoff chances have been since April 6, one game into the 2012 season.

The Birds strength of schedule certainly isn’t helping their odds.  Baltimore plays the Yankees 10 more times, the Rays 12 more times, the Red Sox 9 more and the Blue Jays 9 more.  Of their remaining 77 games, 39 at are home and 38 are on the road.

Cool Standings classifies the O’s as a “contender” in their playoff status category.