Orioles-Tigers ALDS

I get it. You’re pissed, Birdland.

Yes, MLB and the TV suits who work for the networks covering the playoffs didn’t exactly afford the Orioles the best time slots in games one and two at Camden Yards. Hell, we won’t even really know exactly what time game two will start on Friday until after the NL Wild Card game is settled Wednesday evening. Game one on Thursday at the Yard is pretty much settled (see below), but still has some wiggle room.

So if you are living under a rock or just not into social media (good for you), here is the wacky schedule for Game 1 and 2 of the ALDS at OPACY:

ALDS: Tigers at Orioles (Game 1 Thursday) – Camden Yards

  • 5:37 pm (If Kansas City wins the AL Wild Card game)
  • 6:07 pm (If Oakland wins AL Wild Card)

ALDS: Tigers at Orioles (Game 2 Friday) – Camden Yards

  • 12:05 pm (If SF Giants wins NL Wild Card game)
  • 3:05 pm (If Pittsburgh wins NL Wild Card game)

So before you call your Orioles ticket rep to yell at them, back away from your new iPhone 6. It’s not the Orioles fault (like it wasn’t their fault the Ravens had to play in Denver last year). If you want to blame anyone for the schedule, call MLB.

But in the end what does it really matter? The Orioles are playing in the playoffs for God Sake.

If I told you this would be the Orioles playoff schedule back in Spring Training, you would’ve all taken it in a Fells Point minute. As my father in law says, “Build a bridge and get over it”.

If you were planning to go to the Friday game you were probably blowing off work anyway since the “rumor” was it was going to be an afternoon start all along. Of course, a noon start might not be optimal, but what is the difference if you were taking a “sick” day anyways?

From an Orioles player perspective, I imagine you won’t hear one player talking about the wacky times. They will all say things like, “We don’t care when we play”. Or something like, “We are just happy to be in this position, one of then teams with a chance to win the World Series”. The Commander and Chief of the USS Oriole won’t have it any other way.

If they don’t care, you shouldn’t either.

Remember the Orioles playoffs motto, #WeWontStop.

Wacky times not withstanding.