It’s come to my attention that my man love for Tommy Hunter and proclivity to bet games has turned some listeners of Baltimore’s Best Podcast, the BSR Podcast, away. And for that, I’m sorry to my co-hosts, (dad) Zach Wilt, (brother from another mother) Patrick Guthrie and my bestie (@MattCLund). But as long as those original three continue to give me the opportunity to express my passion for sports with a side of fun, I’m not going anywhere.

Now on to much more important things.


Starting tonight in newly named Camden North, your Baltimore Orioles continue their playoff sweat versus the hated Red Sox.

And I feel fairly confident calling it that since Buck’s birds have reeled off five-straight series wins in the house Ben Affleck stole for one of the best movies of all time, (The Town). Add in that at post time, the O’s are sitting in the Tony Gwynn special (5.5 hole) from the division lead.

If you really want to nerd it up, they only sit a four-spot out in the sexy, loss-column (drink every time some pundit spews that phrase you will be hammered by mid September).

But if it’s Wild Card sweat that is your game, then the Black and Orange sit a Manny Machado 2-bagger from the play in game (where the Birds are 1-0 in).Ben Affleck - Red Sox fan

So with that backdrop, welcome to playoff baseball in the regular season 2.0.

That’s because the next 33-games will feel like Game 2 of last years ALDS. Don’t believe me? Ask the over 100K who walked thru the turnstiles at the Yards this past weekend to see the O’s take 2 of 3 from the flipping Oakland A’s.

And before you and Nestor say, “Well the O’s are chasing the A’s for the Wild Card”, just stop. In all my years in the City of Charm and the four plus your boy moved tickets for the club, I can’t ever remember the A’s drawing like that. Look it up.

I was there on Friday night when the O’s out-slugged the A’s. It was electric. Fireworks and a beautiful Friday night aside, that wasn’t a UNC hoops wine and cheese crowd.

And if you think that was hyped, just wait til the White Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays and Red Sox (last series of the year) roll into the Yards over the next couple weeks. Hell, the Ravens are even getting pushed behind this little engine that could the past couple weeks as the NFL season opener in less than ten days away.

Mila Kunis - Baltimore Orioles postseason questBut for all of this enthusiasm pouring through all the die-hard orange Kool-Aid drinkers veins, you need to understand there’s still a month of baseball to be played out.

If you want to equated to a football mentality, just think of it as Week 10 and your squad is 6-4 and in playoff contention. Wins are important, of course, but a loss doesn’t mean you hang up your @SimplyAJ10 jersey for year. But on the other hand, if your squad does reel off two straight and get to 8-4, your playoff sweat is on and cracking.

Listen, I’m not sitting here telling you that I have any idea how this 2013 version of the Orioles will do over the next 33 games. If I knew that, I would lay some serious — oh I forgot, gambling is not a good topic.

Let’s just say, if I knew the future I wouldn’t be sitting on my laptop at 11:35 PM knocking out blog posts. You get my point. But if I happened to be pinned down by Mila Kunis and had to garner a educated guess for a team we grind with on a everyday/every night basis, I would say they will be in Oakland for the “play in game” October 1st.

But only time will tell which is why the #Chase4OrangeOctober is so magical.

Jabby Burns is a contributor to and co-host of the BSR Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @Jabbyburns.

About The Author

Known to his family as Josh Angulo-Bartlett, “Jabby Burns” has been in the Charm City via the sunny beaches of San Diego since 2000. He’s worked for the Baltimore Orioles and created his own blog ( in addition to hosting radio shows on ESPN 1300 (Chalk Talk) and the Internet based BT Sports Radio. Jabby is regular contributor to BSR, and co-host of the BSR Podcast.


  1. Good luck guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let’s do it………………

  2. anonymous hippopotamus

    Sorry Shabby, but I tend to agree. Too many moving parts on the show already and you tend to bring the episodes that I’ve struggled listening through WAY down. Too many voices, too many stats, too much talking about yourself. You aren’t the Junkies or Chad Dukes. And the “Baltimore’s Best Podcast” title certainly doesn’t reside with the BSR Podcast, the ‘Morons are far and away the best podcast on the network.

  3. anonymous hippopotamus

    Also why isn’t the hashtag #HuntForOrangeOctober? SWWWWWING and a miss!

  4. Hunt4orangeoctober was so 2012. Time for a new slogan.

    As for trying to be the Junkies or Dukes, you’re right “Jabby” isn’t those guys. But “he” will take ur critiquing seriously and try to work better with the boys of BSR.
    Thanks for the feedback. Seriously!

  5. The picture of this young lady bitting on her ‘t’ shirt brings a found memory of mine to light,,,,,,one time , in the sandbox , my friend was wearing a ‘t’ shirt without a bra (so cool) and she stretched the T shirt over my head , I didn’t bite but there certainly was lip movement under that t shirt ,,,,actually one of the better days in my wonderful life as this young lady was extremely well endowed , oh what fun ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    keep those wonderful pictures coming……….thank you very much…………

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